Elevate oral care

Elevate oral care- Link mental and physical well-being

The main feelings in mental illness are long-term coldness, depression, uncontrolled mood, excessive fear, abnormality in eating and sleep. There is a link between mental and physical well-being with oral health. To... Read more »
Stage 3 kidney disease

Stage 3 kidney disease with Diabetes

Research has shown that chronic diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, can affect one-third (30-40%) of diabetic patients with diabetes kidney disease stage 3 to stage 4 in a maximum of twenty (5-25) years.... Read more »

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finally some good food delicious-yogurt

Finally some good food to overcome depression

Pandemic’s horror has spread around the world in such a way that we have lost the feeling of a happy life. Depression is slowly starting to affect our body. Nutritionists have given... Read more »
Life vs death interrelationship

Life vs death interrelationship

After a certain age, some changes come in life. The knowledge available from the environment plays a helpful role in finding an infallible relationship between life and death. Many theories come to... Read more »
COVID-19 in India

The second wave of COVID-19 in India

Coronavirus has spread all over the world in its horrible form. The virus has been rampant in Europe and America for the past one year. Despite improved health care, millions of people... Read more »

Shehwar-Maria love story worldwide

The two names Shehwar-Maria have spread through the social video platform YouTube to Bengali speaking people all over the world. If the country is different, the two minds will become different –... Read more »
Boni Amin

Boni Amin presents the world to the Bengalis

Boni Amin is one of the best tourists in the world who was born in Bangladesh. He was born on 18 May 1959 in Charchenga village on Hatia Island in Noakhali district.... Read more »
The city of Bangladesh lockdown

Crackdown inside lockdown in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of green nature. This year Bangladesh has celebrated 50 years of independence by overcoming various adversities. Lockdown is now underway across the country due to the deadly effects... Read more »
Dust particles

Dust particles | harmful effects for human civilization

Dust particle is a big curse for the modern age. It is true that modern civilization, the combination of artificial machinery, factories, roads, etc. built by destroying green nature have brought artificial... Read more »
worldwide coronavirus

Worldwide Coronavirus case study 2021

The coronavirus has brought a curse to humans since 2020. The virus has so far killed millions of people around the world. Although several vaccines have been developed against the virus, no... Read more »