Religious discrimination worldwide

Religious discrimination worldwide- narrow dark path

Religious discrimination worldwide- Unintended pandemic-like consequences from the COVID-19 have been striking the globe. With the unclear root cause of the disease, minority groups have become the target of the blame with... Read more »
Dhammapiya urged Korean government

Dhammapiya urged Korean government to stop persecution

Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), New Delhi, India urged the Korean government to immediately stop persecution of Sincheonji Church, HWPL and Chairman Lee, and focus on facts that they have... Read more »

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Dr. Jagdish-Gandhi-the-founder-of-CMS-and-others

Korean HWPL blood donation- great job for humanity

Each country has its own ‘nationally beloved picture’. What kind of paintings do the people of Finland like? Finland is having first ranking of the world happiness index. The painting, painted by... Read more »