Dhammapiya urged Korean government to stop persecution

Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), New Delhi, India urged the Korean government to immediately stop persecution of Sincheonji Church, HWPL and Chairman Lee, and focus on facts that they have only worked for peace for many years.On July 17 (local time), Dhammapiya, Secretary General of IBC expressed in a letter, “I strongly criticize the unprecedented abuse and harassment from fundamental conservative Christians alike against Chairman Lee, so I humbly request Korean Government to reconsider this issue.”

Dhammapiya said, “I have been informed that the Shincheonji and HWPL followed the government’s rules during this ongoing pandemic situation due to COVID 19 and quickly had handed the entire required list that the authorities had requested for.” “Moreover, in the midst of this unconditional criticism without truth through media manipulation, the 4,000 recovered patients of COVID-19’s decision to donate their plasma just shows how big of the humanitarian mind the Shincheonji and HWPL followers have,” he added.

“I had attended the Peace Summit held every year in Seoul, and I was deeply impressed by the dedication of enthusiastic HWPL volunteers and also the pioneering devotion Chairman Lee showed peace works he had done through World Peace Tour despite of his old age,” he carried the memory back to the Peace Summit he participated in.

As the Secretary General of IBC, which is organized and operated at a scale of 320 organizations in 39 countries, he finally said, “Chairman Lee is a spiritual leader who embraces diversity of religious leaders around the world, and he leads the youth to action by showing the noble value of peace as the peace advocate with a great leadership as well as IBC.”

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