Bangla natok

Bangla natok (Drama) is very important as a means of entertainment in Bangladesh. Among the multidimensional subject matter of entertainment, Natok has been very popular among the people of Bangladesh for a long time.

Bangladesh is many times ahead of India in the drama industry. Indian Bangla dramas use a lot of graphics and sound whereas in Bangladesh dramas even small things are presented very fluently in a dramatic atmosphere.

Many dramas aired on Bangladesh Television (BTV) in the 80’s or 90’s became very popular. This period is the golden age for Bangla Natok. Drama has retained its former place among the entertainments that still exist in Bangladesh. The one-time skyrocketing success of Bangladesh’s film industry is now in jeopardy. However, there is still success in Bengali drama.

Past and present of Bangla Natok

Comparing the past and present era of Bengali drama, the success of past dramas comes to me much more. I will not say that good dramas are not being made at present. However, the story of Bengali dramas of the past would get stuck in people’s minds. I think the creative space is becoming a problem in the crowd of commercial thinking right now.

The story of many dramas of the 80’s and 90’s that the audience still remembers. But in the present era, the content of the drama has been very concise and the commercial position is coming to the fore. That is why nowadays the main thing is to spend a little fun time watching dramas instead of entertainment from Bengali dramas.

Even in the case of Bengali drama production, the producers are not keeping the quality standards in some cases which are pushing the audience away from the drama. This is a thunder signal for the Bengali drama industry.

It seems to me that in every drama, the subject of fun is coming up very much. Drama makers have combined the fun and entertainment of drama. As a spectator of drama, I hope that Bengali drama will hold its past success.

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