Best dog food for german shepherds

Before preparing dog food, it is important to know the breed of your dog. I wrote a blog earlier on dog food where one thing is clear which foods you can feed your dog and which foods are harmful to dogs. If you want you can see the list of good dog food from my previous blog. In this blog I will discuss the best foods for German Shepherd dogs.

Some foods tested by veterinarians are considered very suitable for German Shepherd dogs. Basically, these dogs are very strong, hardworking, and they are used for some special purposes. So veterinarians recommend certain foods for German Shepherd dogs that greatly enhance the dog’s work efficiency.

Dog food for german shepherds
Dog food

How to feed a German shepherd dog at home:

Raw meat, fish or prepared dry food? It is difficult to answer unequivocally, because each type of dog food is individually effective. Therefore, we will try to find out how to properly feed an adult dog, a pregnant dog and a three month old puppy.

There are several basic rules for feeding an older German Shepherd dog that must be strictly followed:

Food should be moderate, which helps prevent overeating, but does not allow the dog to starve.

The average saturation time of the shepherd is one-fourth of an hour, so the remaining food should be cleaned or disposed of,

An adult pet should be fed several times a day in compliance with the time regime and optimal serving amount,

Dog food should not be salted, as all natural products and finished industrial diets contain animal salts.

The bowl must be installed on a stand that allows food to be placed at the level of the dog’s chest area, and the best option is to use a special device with a fixed tripod,

The area of ​​access should be given pure drinking water, and it is especially important to observe this rule when feeding pets dry fed.

When preparing the menu, priority should be given to the most valuable products with substituting protein foods with vegetables or cereals.

German shepherds special food

First, protein (both animal and vegetable), as a German Shepherd dog food, affects the proper growth and structure of the body. Their excellent sources are meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk.

  • Secondly, carbohydrates (bakery products, rice), etc. can be given for energy supply.
  • Third, the animal and vegetable fats (fats, creams and vegetable oils) responsible for energy storage.

In addition to meat, the dog should be provided with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads as a wet food, since apples contain very few vitamins and minerals.

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