Baby German Shepherd is one of the best choices as a pet

Many dog lovers want to keep the German shepherd as a pet. Like the dog’s attitude; its behavior is quite regal. The biggest thing is that you need enough space in the house to make it a member of your home. Because the dog is quite large at an early age, it grows with age

In the beginning of German shepherd

The German Shepherd breed is made from wolf species. This breed was formerly called German Sheep Dog. From this came the word German shepherd puppies. The German shepherd was made from “Best of the Sheep Dog” by an organization in the late 1800. The main purpose of making this breed was to use the sheep as an assistant.

Character of the Baby German shepherd

German shepherd puppies are calm, intelligent, confident and very good natured, but cautious and hardworking. That’s why the dog is one of the most popular dogs in the world.

If you keep one:

An adult German shepherd weighs in 35-45 kg. This breed can adapt to all situations. Its body is strong enough and mental fortitude is also noticeable. They can easily learn if you teach discipline properly. Since they are very efficient dogs, it is better not to keep them tied at home all the time.

They need regular exercise. This breed can be easily mixed with everyone in the house. They love to play with children. Because of their high endurance, they are not bothered by childish mischief, so they can easily get along with children.

Care of the pet


They need to take a bath from time to time without taking a bath It is better to comb their hair at least once a day. Let the mature German shepherd eat boiled meat and dry food mixed with rice twice a day. Depending on the size of the dog, its age, and its activity throughout the day, it is best to determine the amount of food to be fed.

Remember- Important

1) if you are out most of the time, it is better not to keep German Sheppard puppies. Because as a result of being alone, they become flickering in nature.

2) It is better to keep the dog busy all the time. It is very important for this breeder to be physically and mentally active.

3) They are often diagnosed with a type of illness in old age, which is called ‘hypodysplasia‘. In this case it is necessary to take the advice of a doctor. In addition various types of diseases can occur In case of any abnormality, it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately.

4) Adequate amount of calcium and vitamins need to be given with their food. It is necessary to know the amount of which to give from the doctor and make rules with the food. And only if you know everything well before buying a dog.

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