Black panther animal- There are black tigers

Black panther animal- Black tigers were seen in the Sundarbans. Some local fishermen claim to have seen the black Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans crocodile forest.

The forest department has come to the ground to check the demands of the fishermen.

In the crocodile forest, some fishermen go to catch crabs. Then a tiger jumped on one of them. The tiger dragged the fisherman to the forest. Although they could not save their companions, the fishermen were shocked to see the color and size of the tiger. They claim that the black tiger is much larger in size than the ordinary Royal Bengal Tiger.

Black panther really exist?

Does the legendary Black Panther or Black Leopard really exist, or is the creature extinct? There was a fog about this for a long time. However, scientists have recently claimed that there are still tigers of this species in the world. And they were able to take pictures of it.

They have been able to take a rare picture of this Black Panther in Kenya. Its image was found more than a hundred years later. The last black leopard was photographed in 1909 by biologists. For so long, everyone thought that the black leopard might have become extinct.

That’s according to Nick Pilfold, Scientist at the San Diego Zoo in California, USA.

He said they were able to take the picture after a long wait by observing the animal’s movements for several months in a row. They set up the camera a year ago in the woods of an animal sanctuary in Laikipia County, Kenya. They then received a report from there identifying a Black panther.

The dark Black Panther is a female species. Her face is also clear in the picture taken in the dark. This picture has been taken with the help of advanced technology camera.

Scientist Pilfold said reports of black leopards were frequent. But no hard evidence has been found to identify it. The last time a black cheetah was photographed was in 1909 in Ethiopia. It is said that there are black leopards in Kenya. But after that year, no trace of this species has been found.

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