Bollywood actress Rekha of sixty retains the youth of thirty

Bollywood actress Rekha is 60 years old. But Rekha still shines in the youth of the 30’s. Any young lady fades next to the beauty of Rekha. This beautiful Bollywood heroine does not have an inch of extra fat in her body. This youth of the sixties is a deep mystery. However, she herself has unraveled this mystery. Find out from Rekha the key to retaining youth for life.

Natural beauty of Rekha

Rekha is a complete believer in natural beauty. She keeps herself away from the conventional cosmetics in the market. Rekha retains her beauty in a natural way.

Lean fatless

Rekha’s body is really full of wonder. It is difficult to find an inch of fat in the body of this Bollywood star. Rekha regularly exercises for this lean body. Yoga is inextricably linked with her daily life. In addition, she does cardiac, exercise and much more.

Mental beauty

In words, the face is the mirror of the mind. Rekha is a great believer in mental beauty. According to her, it is very important to keep the mind beautiful and calm. So Rekha meditates regularly to keep her mind calm. Proximity to nature gives her joy. So she spends most of the day in the garden of her home. This Bollywood actress took care of the tree with her own hands. According to Rekha, human thinking is beautiful and fresh through work So everyone needs to be involved in the work. And it is very important to be mentally strong.

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The mystery of vitality

The vitality of Rekha really amazes everyone. Where did she get so much energy after 60? This mystery is hidden in her daily life. She finished dinner at seven o’clock every day. This Bollywood star does not cut anything with her teeth after that. Rekha doesn’t like to eat more at night. She went to bed early at night to start the day nicely. She doesn’t like to stay up late. So she is rarely seen in Bollywood night shows. Rekha leaves the bed before sunrise.

The secret to black thick hair of Bollywood actress Rekha

The black thick hair on one side of Rekha has fascinated everyone. She takes care of her hair in a homely manner. Apply the paste of soaked gram stalks on the scalp. She made a hair mask by mixing yoghurt with this paste. Apply this mask to her hair indefinitely four days a week.

The secret of diet

The secret of Rekha’s fitness and beauty is hidden in her diet. Her diet consists of daily yogurt. She loves to eat yogurt. This Bollywood heroine is comfortable with domestic food. Her daily diet is rich in vegetables and seasonal fruits. Stay away from oily, spicy foods.

Shiny skin

Even today, the tight, radiant skin of Rekha is enviable to everyone. This Bollywood actress drinks plenty of water all day to keep her skin fresh. In addition, her diet includes musambi juice, coconut water, fresh seasonal fruit juice, vegetable soup. Rekha uses various homemade face packs for skin care. The face pack made with mug dal, besan, yoghurt, rose water helps to keep her skin glowing.

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