Imran said the reason for Trump’s defeat

Reason for Trump’s defeat!!! In the recent US presidential election, Donald Trump would have easily been elected for a second term. If the coronavirus is not an epidemic. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan made the remarks in a television interview on Saturday November, 2020.

According to a report in Pakistan’s Dawn media, Prime Minister Imran Khan thinks that even if all media polls had gone against Trump, Trump would have definitely won if it had not been for the Covid-19 epidemic. He said that although the media has an important role in the society, the media is never a threat to the running of the country by the leader of any country.

“I have no problem with the media,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told Mansoor Ali Khan, the host of the televised interview. There may be temporary damage due to the media. ‘

Imran reviews for Trump’s defeat

Reason for Trump’s defeat!!! Imran said, “Donald Trump can be a good example of this. The way all the mainstream media has attacked Trump, it seems that Trump will suffer a miserable defeat. But it did not happen at all. Trump received the most votes in American history. It’s a different matter that Joe Biden got more votes than him. ‘

Covid-19 has killed many people in the United States. This number is only increasing every day. Added to this is unemployment. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Trump’s defeat in the United States would not have been possible had it not been for the deaths of many people in the United States and the rise in unemployment.

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