Benefits of walking an hour a day- really incredible!

Everyone wants to stay fit. You can stay fit if you follow some rules. Regular walking and different types of exercises make the body healthy and freshen up. Exercise as well as... Read more »
Cool-vegetables Foods to reduce body heat

Foods to reduce body heat in summer

The food that keeps the body cools during the summer Foods to reduce body heat in summer- Due to heat in summer season, the body temperature also increases. There are many types... Read more »

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Pizza-imags-Fast food

Fast food can bring heart disease

We have an identity with junk food. Almost everyone knows that all these foods are not healthy. Scientists are surprised to find out how much time all these foods taken in the... Read more »
ways to be happy

Five ways to be happy and positive in life

Ways to be happy- International Happiness Day is being celebrated on 20th March in many countries of the world. If you do not get that feeling completely, do not worry, you can... Read more »


More than three eggs a week, the risk of heart disease  Egg-Harmful-Effects- Experts have been debating for a long time, whether eating eggs is good for health. After the publication of a... Read more »