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A balanced breakfast diet can protect you from weight gain. If breakfast is healthy, the body does not get tired even after working all day, the appetite also decreases. To get a healthy life you should intake healthy breakfast foods regularly.

How to understand if you have not healthy foods for breakfast? McKenzie Burgess, a U.S. nutritionist and founder of Cheerful Choice, says that not eating enough for breakfast increases the risk of hunger, which in turn increases the amount of food eaten at other times of the day. And you have to understand increasing the amount of food means taking in extra calories.

Try to keep protein for breakfast. For example, ‘nut butter’ with two bananas can be a great source of protein. You can also eat boiled eggs.

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Nutritionists quote in terms of healthy breakfast foods intake

Addison O’Neal, author of The Total Body Functional Program and a registered nutritionist in the United States, advises on what breakfast should look like: Don’t eat foods high in sugar and saturated fat in the morning.

He added that whole grain foods should be eaten, which helps to keep the metabolic activities going throughout the day.

Nutritionists say that just taking carbohydrates at the beginning of the day can make you feel hungry all day long.

Molly Kimball, a registered nutritionist in the United States, says that just eating carbohydrates for breakfast is not satisfying. It keeps you hungry all day long.

Due to the hustle and bustle of work, we may not be able to get to intake food in a hurry and at the right time. Most of the people we eat more at noon or at night. The actual result is weight gain.

Emily Fish, founder of The Dish on Nutrition and a registered nutritionist in the United States, says that if you don’t feel hungry in the morning, eat something light that won’t make you think of eating anything until at least noon.

Shannon Henry, a physician at the EZ Care Clinic in the United States, recommends having protein for breakfast, which will make you feel full throughout the day. As a result, you will feel less hungry and lose weight.

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