Meditation effects on the brain (meditation music of blood)

In this quick self-help segment I’m going to tell you the benefits of meditation, Meditation effects on the brain, meditation music of blood. Really this should convince you why you should be doing meditation. If you’re looking at this blog so quickly what are the benefits of meditation there are many of them and they’re really powerful.

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Reducing stress by meditation

So let’s start with some of the basics first meditation is good for reducing stress. So if you’re stressed out in your life. If you’re having a lot of stray negative thoughts you’ve got a lot of monkey chatter up in there. You can’t keep focused meditation is just the right thing for you and it’s really the right thing for everybody. All of us are always plagued by negative thoughts, distracting thoughts. We’re not able to focus which is preventing us from getting the kind of performance that we want our life and also getting the kind of peace and kind of tranquility that we want in our lives.

Who wants to be stressed? So meditation is great. For that meditation of course going along with this theme of focus is great for building up your prefrontal cortex. This is scientifically proven it literally builds up the front part of your brain. Here which is responsible for controlling impulses and responsible for this self discipline?  Basically so you can be more creative. You can be more productive, you can be a better thinker, you can be sharper with your mind and you can be more disciplined and stick to your habits better. And get the stuff that you need to get done easier with less pain involved and less waffling less procrastination.

Awesome benefit of meditation is performance

Meditation effects- If you do meditation so another awesome benefit of meditation is performance. It improves your performance at work. It will improve your performance in athletic events and sports. Even it will improve your performance in your relationships. It will just improve performance. Everywhere it just kind of spills over into all of your life. Because what it does is? It just kind of calms you down it make you grounded. It makes you happy in being right here in the moment.

When you’re like that and you’re relaxed performing from a relaxed place rather than intense and stressed place. It’s always good and making decisions from a relaxed place. When you’re stressed and you’re overwhelmed and you’re overworked and you’re fearful and you have these negative thoughts how are you gonna make an effective decision in your business and your career in a relationship you’re not going to be able to you’re gonna be influenced by those emotions by those negative emotions. Whereas if you’re clear minded and you’re very conscious then you can make very smart decisions. You can resist impulses like going for that doughnut.

When you know you shouldn’t or falling off your gym routine or not performing well at work. You’re just gonna be able to stick with those things much easier because you’re gonna be able to control your impulses.

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Meditation benefits for brain health

Meditation effects- The next meditation benefit is actual brain health. So we talked about building up the willpower muscle which is awesome. It gets you a lot of performance. But there are also the brain health benefits. There have been a lot of MRI studies and other brain scan studies have been done over the last couple of decades. These are new technologies that are showing the benefits of meditation. What they do is they take a look at like monks that have been meditating for decades. And they took a look at normal people and they take a look at people who for example have degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer’s or various brain tumors and cancers. And just poor and brain shape physically that the brain is just alike is deteriorated.

What they find out is that the brain is the health of the brain is improved with how much the brain is being used? It’s just like any other muscle in your body. The brain is not a muscle but it behaves like a muscle. So when you’re training it up you’re actually making it healthier. You’re making it stronger; you’re making it more complex. The structures of it are actually working and what has been shown is that when you meditate. You reduce the effects of brain degeneration with age, you reduce things like memory loss which tends to happen with age. because you’re still using your brain. And You keep your prefrontal cortex working. You keep all other parts of your brain working and you prevent Alzheimer’s disease. So those are some really powerful benefits of meditation and let’s see what else we have next on the list.


Meditation effects- I think I will cover. Let’s cover enlightenment. This is kind of something that I’m a little bit hesitant to cover especially in a newbie introductory quick segment like this. Enlightenment is a very deep topic. It takes serious commitment to reach to if you’re not willing to spend the years and maybe a decade or more in serious contemplation and meditation. Then you’re never going to reach it. But I think a state of enlightenment is something that you can really shoot for. It can be a long-term vision of yours. And it’s really awesome because what happens when you reach a state of enlightenment is literally your ego melts away. The petty distinctions that you make right now the judgments the criticisms all the emotional baggage that you have all that melts away.

And you become one with the source. You become like one with the universe. And you see everything interconnected and like you feel everything as love. You drop all the fears you have. Even you drop all the anger and the pettiness and life just becomes a joy just a joy. Right now in a moment that’s something that’s like amazing to reach that kind of level I’ve nowhere near that kind of level. But I aspire to be at some point which is a lie. And do a lot of meditation right now. I’m really committed to it. Because I want to get to that point.

Happiness by Meditation

Meditation effects- It’s a really amazing peak experience to have in life. It’s to reach that state of enlightenment so that is out there for you next on the list. I would say is of course. I should mention this earlier but it’s just happiness. It makes you happier. Meditation makes you happier because you’re just happy without external stimulation. It’s so much of life and so much of culture is getting hooked on external stimulation. Whether it is food drugs alcohol, television media gossip whatever but when we can just be happy right here in the moment. In the present without worrying about the past or worrying about the future just be happy.

I mean what more do you want from life that’s ultimately the ultimate aim of life is to be happy. And if you can get that by basically doing nothing but meditating and meditation is nothing but just sitting down and clearing your mind of thoughts. It’s that simple with subtle variations in technique then that’s what you want. Did you want happiness? Why not give that to yourself right now? Rather than go chasing money or a trophy wife or great car or house you don’t need that stuff to be happy. You can get that through meditation a lot cheaper a lot simpler to do it. That way time-honoured been proven through millennia that it works.

Meditation benefits

Meditation effects- And I think the last point that I’ll cover as a benefit of meditation. This idea of meditation is therapy. If you do meditation consistently and you have to do it consistently and that means on a daily basis then what will happen? Is that naturally from your subconscious things will bubble up? You will start to get quirks that are in your subconscious to bubble up and yours eat. Your ego what’s happening is that your ego is resisting the meditation.

And as you meditate more and more your ego has to your brain has to evolve. It has to evolve to more complex structures to handle the new thoughts that are going through it. And what happens is that to do that it literally has to give up and shed off the old skin that it had like a snake shedding its skin. So what happens is that old preconceived notions that you had about right and wrong and about how the world works.

Meditation effects

And about my comedy the economies in the world like good and bad and right and wrong. These start to kind of melt away and not in a sense that you don’t care. About right and wrong anymore but just like you start to see things as more like one more unified. And you start to let go of the baggage from your childhood, baggage from your early adulthood. You shouldn’t let go this. You become free. And you’re no longer held back by that stuff limiting. Beliefs are shed. It’s basically like doing therapy but it’s a little bit more subtle. And it just happens spontaneously as you’re meditating over a long period of time. So as you do meditation for months and years stuff will bubble up from your subconscious.

And then you’ll have to deal with it. Consciously you’ll resolve those conflicts. And then you’ll get. You’ll get tranquility from that and you’ll no longer be triggered by those. And then new things will bubble up and deeper things will bubble up and you’ll resolve those and eventually through that process you’re gonna resolve a lot of the stuff that is bothering you. A lot of the stuff that’s triggering you, a lot of stuff that’s holding you back.

So if you really want amazing performance in the future, if you really want to live up to your full potential then meditation is the right way to go. You need to shed some of that old junk that you’re still carrying around in your subconscious mind. Then maybe you don’t even realize. Right now it’s gonna come up for you as you’re doing meditation. So those are the benefits of meditation.

A meditation can help more to get better life

Meditation effects- I hope that that has built a pretty strong case. I don’t know how much stronger of a case you would need to actually get involved with meditation. These benefits are pretty amazing, pretty massive especially given what meditation is. It’s so simple. I actually have more blogs about how to do meditation tips and tricks about meditation common pitfalls and how to make meditation to habit it. Actually get the results from it that you want all these benefits that I’m describing. There are actually techniques for getting them. Most people when they start meditation they fail.

And I want to help you get around that. So check out some my other blogs on meditation especially I have the meditation cover concept covered in my personal development blueprint. So go ahead and check that out I’m gonna sign off now please go ahead and leave me your comments. I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about meditations working for you and maybe what other benefits. I’ve missed here and of course please like this and share it and go to actualize that work sign up to my next blog where you can get more advanced personal development research and I’ll have more content about there on there about meditation.

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