Useful household apps from app store for work

Many useful apps for household work- Smartphones are essential in almost every aspect of daily life today, not lagging behind in household chores. Just by installing the app as needed from app store, the phone is being made into various household chores. Here are some samples from app store for household work done more productively:

From remote controls, compasses, timers to level finders, and even electric wires hidden in walls, you can find them with the smartphone in hand. Before buying furniture, these specialized apps also provide an opportunity to check whether it fits with the house in augmented reality.

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Useful household apps from app store

Make the phone as remote

Although many phones in the market have the remote control feature, it remains unknown to many. Smart device control using Wi-Fi is not; instead, it is possible to do the work of a remote TV or AC remote on the phone. For this the phone needs ‘IR Blaster‘ feature. Most Xiaomi, LG, Samsung and Realme phones have this feature. To make full use of it, you need a data-rich app on the device’s remote. These include the Universal IR TV Remote App and the Peel IR Remote.

Both apps are primarily made for TV but can also be used for AC or set top boxes. The work is done only after lowering the layout according to the model number of the TV. Almost all the features of the TV can be controlled from the phone, so the TV does not need to be smart. The Mi Remote app on Xiaomi’s phone can also be used, but it has fewer layouts. The advantage of the Q Remote on LG phones is that it can read commands from the current remote, but the feature is not available on other devices. Both apps will be available in the Play Store.

Phone sensor for housework

Smartphones have a number of sensors, which we do not use to the fullest. For example, gyroscope sensors are used in screen rotation and games; but how many have used it as a spirit or bubble level? Spirit or bubble levels are used to measure the degree to which a surface is flat or perfectly steep or tilted. That work can be done on the smartphone through the app, just need the smart toolbox app.

Most smartphones now have barometer sensors, the main function of which is to show the height in the Maps app. If you want, you can use it to show the air pressure. Weather forecasts can be made based on air pressure, which can often be more accurate than the weather office. That can also be done in this app.

Another working sensor in the phone is the magnetometer. It can be used in several ways. Almost everyone is familiar with the Compass app, but the Qibla Compass app is easier to use. This is the easiest way to find out which way to Qibla if you go somewhere new. In addition, it is possible to find out the electrical lines inside the walls using a magnetometer, which is very important when leaking walls. For that you need Stud Finder and Metal Finder app. Holding the phone to the rods on the wall, the power lines and the hidden iron increases the magnetic field. The app has been created based on this.

Keep the house safe with CCTV cameras

The use of closed circuit or CCTV cameras for home security has become very popular lately. Almost every CC camera system has the facility of monitoring through smartphone app. Apps are for the most part different for each developer; But the iCamViewer IP Camera Viewer app works with almost all IP cam-enabled cameras. As a result, even if you use multiple brands of cameras, you don’t need to have many apps on your phone. The ‘Alfred Home Security Camera app has taken the matter one step further. It is possible to convert an old smartphone into a CC camera if you want. IP camera footage can also be recorded on the phone using the ‘CCTV Recorder’ app. Apps are quite effective for home security.

Plant care

Although many people have a hobby of planting trees, many are hesitant about how to start it or what kind of care a tree needs. There is no shortage of apps to help with that; One of them is ‘Indoor Plant Guide’ and ‘Leaf Snap’. The Indoor Plant Guide is said to be the richest botanical database in the world. It contains the names of thousands of trees, pictures, their benefits, all the information needed for the soil, fertilizer and care.

We often do not follow the rules and regulations of caring for trees, nor do we select trees according to the environment of the house. As a result, they die quickly or become malnourished. It is the app to solve the problem. Leaf Snap is also a database-based app, but its functionality is different. Use this app to recognize trees. The app will analyze the image and tell you which tree, its nature, type and all other information.

Decorate the house in augmented reality

Ikea and Amazon recently showed off a demo of how to use their augmented reality to test how a home decor item fits into a home without having to buy it. However, the most advanced in this case is the ‘House: Home Design and Remodel‘ app. This is something between Pinterest and the service app. Here you can find ideas for decorating and modeling your home. Through augmented reality, the furniture of those ideas, bound pictures, can also be tested to see what the shopis will look like in the house. Eventually the mechanic will also be available in the app for custom sorting or re-modeling.

Make housework easy

The Tom Tom‘ app is a simple solution to a big problem. It can be said that almost all of today’s young and young adults have grown up by gaming. They are very familiar with the mission system in the game. A briefing is given on what to do at the beginning, when to do it; After that, every step has to be presented as objective. The whole task of the mission is to finish the small objective one by one. The job of this app is to make the homework like a game by turning it into a small objective. It may seem that this little gimmick will do more; but it has been seen that this structure of the app has made the daily work much easier. Sharing the annoying tasks in this way makes it easier to keep the schedule.

Recipe app

How many are always find new recipes for everyday cooking? It has the app ‘Tasty‘ for work. It has more than 3000 recipes. Absolutely step-by-step detailed instructions are given for each recipe. There is a video of what to do while cooking. However, it can be said that the biggest feature is the recipe suggestion itself. Breakfast recipes in the morning, lunch recipes in the afternoon or special dish recipes on holidays will change the cooking experience. It can be said that this is not just a recipe app, but also a cooking instructor and recommender.

Apart from these recommended apps you’ll get thousands apps from app store to use for your household work. Just go to app store and choose one or more for yours. Thanks for reading. Do not forget to share this blog with your friends and family.

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