Physiotherapy for seniors: 5 effective balance exercises

Physiotherapy has been playing an important role in helping people to recover from their injuries and regain their strength, mobility, and flexibility. With regards to elders, it’s quite often that they tend to lose their actual strength and become dependent on others. Therefore, in such cases fitness becomes very challenging to them. This is where physical therapy can help them. Today’s blog I’ve pointed 5 effective balance exercises (physiotherapy for seniors).

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How physiotherapy can be helpful for successful recovery?

Fall is the major issue experienced in seniors, however; there are many such other risks that elders can experience. Here are the reasons why physiotherapy for seniors can be beneficial.

  1. Fall recovery: As people head towards their old age, people lose their strength and mobility. Therefore, during old days even the minor accidents lead to serious injuries in elders. Also, after staying for longer duration in hospital, they become weak and encounter fall. Physiotherapy can help you retain strength.
  2. Reduce the risk of injury: Registered physiotherapists train elders to sustain their stability especially when they are in motion. This training can help seniors to avoid risks of injuries.
  3. Reduce chronic pain: Chronic conditions usually cause discomforts such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Physical therapy can help seniors to learn how to reduce such discomforts and how to balance any future symptoms.
  4. Get rid of prescription drugs: Also, it happens like they end up taking prescribed medications to ease their chronic pains. However, the elder’s therapy can help seniors to cut off the medications and offers cost-effective treatment.
  5. Lead an independent lifestyle: We notice that often elders get dependent on others for some reasons such as illness or other discomforts. Physical therapy can help elders to become independent again by taking proper physiotherapy sessions.

Read the infographic below created by MJPhysio- physiotherapy Vancouver, surrey and Fleetwood; for 5 effective balance exercises for seniors.

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