3 Best Fitness Apps: Expectations vs. Reality

Good day and welcome to another blog. In today’s blog we’re gonna talk about three very useful and Best Fitness Apps. And they are also free.

I hope you guys enjoyed that push workout in the picture. But now we’re gonna talk about the topic of the blog which is three helpful best fitness apps. So I just put on a screen recorder on my phone so I’m just gonna show you all the three apps and how they work.

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Rep Count Best Fitness App

So we’re gonna start off with fitness app number one which is rep count. As you can see on my phone you simply this is just a tracking app that let allows you to track your workouts. So for example if I choose my pull workout here I can just push start workout. And you can see it shows you what weight you did on a previous session. Which is why I absolutely love this app. Because it allows you to track your progress and remember what you did last session on every single exercise.

As you can see here so when you download the app you have your routines and they are like four basic routines. In the app from before but you can just make your own and put in what you want. Also it has a log feature where you can see all your previous sessions. And when you finish them again this one is also free. It has a premium option. But you really don’t need it. I have only used the free version. I use this app every single day and it makes it so much easier for me to track all our workouts.

Happy scale Best Fitness App

So now if we’re going to move on to fitness app number two and that is app that I just recently found and that’s a happy scale. So I’m gonna go in on it. Here as you can see this is also a tracking app that allows you to track your weight. So how it works? You can go to settings here in the corner. Then you can choose weight goals. So let’s see if I just put okay. I can change it let’s say. I put my objective to lose weight and go away. Sensex boom and when I push here I can add in. I can add my weight.

So if I just put in eight there and then head and then I can go to my log and here you can see you get your moving average in the middle. And you can see how much you lose or gain. On the right side and on the left side you can see what you have put in or recorded in the app. Again this one is also free. It has a premium version. But I myself have only used the free version. You don’t need the premium version.

Fitness pal Best Fitness App

So now when we went to the last app which many of you guys probably already know about but we have to talk about it and that is my fitness pal. So my fitness pal again is a tracking app. But this one tracks your food. It’s very simple to use. You just go to options and you can put up your goal. Just two calories you can write. Type in whatever your goal is. It also has suggestions but they don’t always work. So what you do you can also see your calories and your macros here. As you can see it shows you everything. It’s also very easy to add food. You can even push this button here and then you can scan the barcode on your food. You can also save meals for instance.

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If I want to save this breakfast you can see here. I can push these three dots here and you can see here. It says in the region is as long as immortal. But in English it will be save as a meal and then you can have bunch of meals ready to use. In your app you can also track your weight. On this app I used to do it before.

But I moved over to weight not too happy scale which I think is better. So that’s basically all the Best Fitness Apps I use this every single day and as I’ve told you guys before they are all free. If you guys I can’t speak if you guys learn something new for this blog share the blog also and hope you enjoy these apps cuz I use them every single day and they have made so much. So with that being said see you guys in next blog.

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