Cats origin of domestication – cat breeds a-z

Cat is currently the most popular pet in the world after dog. The cat is a very comfortable animal. Many people keep cats to kill rats. Cats can move very quietly because they have very soft flesh under the feet. This blog I discuss today about cat origin of domestication and cat breeds a-z.

Cats origin of domestication research

About 9,000 years ago, farmers in the East were the first to domesticate wild cats. Hundreds of years later, cats spread across the seas across Egypt. Currently, cats are found only in places other than Antarctica. In China, some pottery about 5,300 years ago beautifully depicts cats, which are the size of ordinary cats today. Although it was considered a sacred animal in 2465-2150 BC cats were worshiped in various temples. Cats were considered supernatural because they caught rats.

Some interesting facts about cats

Domestic cats are more aggressive than wild cats. This amazing information was obtained through research on cats in Egypt and other areas. Scientists have speculated that wild cats roamed the fields in search of food-eating rats, and farmers have since become friends with them. Researcher Eva Maria Geigel said cats start petting in two steps. Cats were first domesticated in an eastern country, and much later in Egypt. The cats then scattered on the ship because at that time the only effective way to save the grain and goods stored on the ship from the clutches of the rat was the cat.

This cat became a pet by catching rats

Cat origin of domestication- Cats have never been so cuddly or lazy. They have been catching rats on behalf of farmers and sailors for almost a thousand years and have benefited a lot. In fact, the cat chose the company of man. This benefited both the parties. The study also found that mitochondrial DNA tests on about 200 species of ancient cats showed that they date back to the Stone Age, the Egyptian Mummy Age, or the Viking Graves.

Cat origin of domestication research- Cats spread throughout Europe in the Roman era. Research, Toby cats have been come in the Middle Ages. Some genes have been found in the DNA of these cats, which is why they have perfect fur designs on their bodies. This research was carried out in eastern Turkey in the early fourteenth century. Within several hundred years, these cats became attractive all over the world. In terms of intelligence, the Toby cat lags behind other species. Dr. Geigel added that cats were actually rarely crossbred at first, which is in stark contrast to the characteristics of dogs. Cats were also much more beneficial. But now there are many types of hybrid cats. Such as: Bambino, Cornish Rex, Persian etc. At present, different breeds of domestic cats can be seen all over the world. Below is a short list.

List of domesticated cat breeds a-z


1. American Curl; Location: United States

2. American Bobtail; Location: United States

3. Burmilla; Location: United Kingdom

4. Highlander; Location: United States

5. Japanese Bobtail; Place of Origin: Japan

6. Korean Bobtail; Place of Origin: Korea

7. Kurilian Bobtail or Kuril Islands Bobtail; Location: Eastern Russia and Japan

8. Manx; Location: United Kingdom (Island of Man)


9. Scottish Fold; Location: United Kingdom (Scotland)

10. Minskin; Location: United States

11. Abyssinian; Place of Origin: Ethiopia

12. American Shorthair; Location: United States

13. Arabian Mau; Location: Arabian Islands

14. Australian Mist; Place of Origin: Australia

15 Asian origin is taken from Asia Bengal; Developed in the United States

16. Bombay; Place of Origin: Asia; Developed in the United States

Characteristics of cats

Cats are nocturnal animals. The retina of a cat’s eye is covered by a substance called quinine, which makes its eyes sensitive to light. That’s why we see cat’s eyes at night. The cat’s eyelid has three layers. Their sense of smell is very good. They only smell and then eat. If a cat has a lump in its nose or the nose is closed for any reason, it loses its appetite for a few days and gradually becomes lean. Cats have 6 times more hearing than humans. That’s why they try to turn their heads very quickly when they hear a sound and are startled by a very small sound.

Cats are very attractive. Notice that if a house has a small baby and a cat at the same time, the cat considers that baby as its rival. Because naturally everyone cares a little more for the baby. Another interesting feature is that when a cat goes to a man, it can guess whether it likes a cat or not. They are not very close to people who do not like cats.

Some more weird features of cats

1. If the cat is rolling on the floor too much then you have to understand that he wants some time in this moment and wants to play. Many cats do this when they go out with their owner so that he is taken along. It’s a beautiful way to draw attention. Really! So if the pet cat comes and rolls around, is it possible to leave him and go somewhere?

2. Cats don’t finish everything they eat. Eating for a long time keeps some part of the food alive. The funny thing is that cat learns this from his boss. In homes where the owner feeds the cat from his surviving food, the cats learn to save their food for the owner.

3. Cats are usually carnivores. But when the cat starts to eat leaves it feels very strange doesn’t it? In fact, the reason behind cats eating grass is that they get some kind of vitamin from grass. Sometimes they take the help of grass to scratch their bodies and remove the fur wrapped around their mouths.

4. The cat is often seen rubbing its feet against another cat or on the floor. This is because they show care or affection for other cats or they do it to keep the blood circulation in their feet. Many times when the baby cat does not get its mother’s breast milk properly, it starts rubbing its feet on the mother’s body like this.

The more research is done on cats, the more new information will come out about it. Cats are more mysterious than humans.

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