Corona test on smartphone (the new CRISPR method)

The global epidemic of coronavirus has crippled the economy and paralyzed people’s livelihoods. The rate of new infections and deaths is constantly increasing. To get rid of Covid-19, experts say to go for isolation quickly after more tests and detection.

The conventional tests for covid-19 infection are very expensive and time consuming. Scientists have discovered a new technology. In just 30 minutes, I will let you know through the camera of my smartphone that you are not infected or infected with COVID-19.

Corona test on smartphone

This test is being made possible in a very short time through CRISPR. In the case of corona tests, the virus can be identified after mutation from viral RNS to DNA. So it takes quite a while to know the results. But with the implementation of the new CRISPR method, scientists claim that the report will be known within half an hour from the viral RNA.

Not only that, they say, in this way, just as a person can be said to be neither positive nor negative, in the same way it is possible to be clear about the effect of the virus on the body.

Jennifer, a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institute in the United States, says the best thing about CRISPR-based diagnoses is that accurate information is available in a very short time. This technology can be put to great use in places where testing is not available or not possible.

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Corona test on smartphone device

Experts say that in this case, the swab test sample has to be placed on a device. Which will be associated with the smartphone. The sample has to be kept in such a way that it can be seen through the camera of the mobile. Here the camera works like a firecracker. Keeping an eye on it, it can be said that the sample is neither positive nor negative.

If coronavirus is found in the sample cell, it appears on the computer screen, coronavirus positive. And if the coronavirus is not found in the sample cell, then the coronavirus negative text appears. At present, it is possible to test this from most mobile phones, the researchers said. They even claim that it can detect the virus in just 5 minutes. However, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get the perfect result. This is undoubtedly a big discovery in the case of the Corona Test.

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