Deep Roy

Deep Roy is a Kenyan-English actor, stuntman, and puppeteer, best known for his work in the film industry. He was born on December 1, 1949, in Nairobi, Kenya, and started his career as a stuntman and actor in Bollywood films in the 1970s.

Deep Roy is perhaps most famous for his role as the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burton’s 2005 film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” in which he played all 165 Oompa Loompa characters through the use of special effects and makeup. He has also appeared in other films such as “The NeverEnding Story” (1984), “Flash Gordon” (1980), and “Star Trek” (2009), among others.

In addition to his work in films, Deep Roy has also worked as a puppeteer and voice actor for various children’s television shows, including “The Muppet Show,” “Doctor Who,” and “Star Wars.” He has also worked as a stuntman and performer in live shows, including the circus and amusement park industry.

Overall, Deep Roy is known for his versatility as an actor and performer, as well as his dedication to his craft. He has built a successful career in the film and entertainment industry through his talent, hard work, and passion for storytelling.

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