Dog names start with R

Dog names start with R

The names of 6 dog breeds start with the letter ‘R’. Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the popular dog breeds in this ‘R’ group dogs.

Group R dogs

  1. Rat Terrier
  2. Redbone Coonhound
  3. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  4. Rottador
  5. Rottle
  6. Rottweiler

Dog names start with R information

Check all dog information names start ‘R’…

Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier is an American dog breed.

Other names: American Rat Terrier, Ratting Terrier, Decker Giant

Common nicknames: RT, Rat, Rattie

Origin: America (USA)

Height: 10–18 inches (25–46 cm)

Weight: 10–25 pounds (4.5–11.3 kg)

Coat: Single, smooth

Color: Black, tan, chocolate, blue, grey Isabella (pearl), lemon and apricot. May be tri-color or bi-color, with at least one color being white.

Redbone Coonhound

The Redbone Coonhound is an American breed of hunting dog.

Life span: 11 – 12 years

Weight: Males: 50-70 lb

Females: 45-65 lb

Height: Males: 22-27 inches

Females: 21-26 inches

Color: Solid red or chestnut; white is allowed on the paws and chest

Coat: Short and dense

Temperament: Unflappable, Affectionate, Energetic, Independent, Companionable, Familial

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large scenthound and sighthound dog breed bred in the Southern Africa region.

Temperament: Sensitive, Dignified, Mischievous, Strong Willed, Intelligent, Loyal

Height: Female: 61–66 cm, Male: 63–69 cm

Weight: Female: 29–34 kg, Male: 36–41 kg


The Rottador is a mixed breed dog.

Other names: the Labrottie, Labweiller, Rottwador and Rott ‘n Lab.

Temperament: energetic, and loyal

Height: 24 to 27 inches

Weight: 70 to 115 pounds


The Rottle is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Rottweiler and Poodle dog breeds.

Lifespan: 9-15 years

Temperament: Loyal, Loving, Intelligent, Easy to train, Sweet, Brave, Gentle

Height: 10 to 27 inches

Weight: 60 to 90 pounds


The Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium-to-large or large.

Life span: 8 – 10 years

Breed of: Dog

Rank: Breed

Temperament: Steady, Devoted, Self-assured, Good-natured, Alert, Fearless, Confident, Obedient, etc.

Weight: Female: 35–48 kg, Male: 50–60 kg

Height: Female: 56–63 cm, Male: 61–69 cm

Colors: Black, Tan, Mahogany

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