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Radoan has written about his family and his school

Writer: Radoan Hossaen. Class: Four. Govt. Science College Attach High School, Dhaka

My Family

I’m radoan. I’m a student of class four. I live with my family. There are five members in our family. My father name is Belal Hossen. He is a contractor. My mother name is Rashida Begum. She is a teacher. I have a sister and an elder brother. My sister and brother is also student. All of them are well behaved and friendly. They love me very much. They always help me. Sometimes we watch TV together. We go outside of home often. My parents take care of us very closely. I help my younger sister also. There is no quarrel in our family. My family is a happy family and I’m proud of my family.

My School

My School name is Govt. Science College Attach High School. It’s in Dhaka city. I’m a student of class four. I go to school at 7:00 am and back home at 11:00 am. My class teacher name is Mukta. She is my math teacher. There is a very big library in my school. I use my leisure time by reading books at there. I play with my friends. My school have a very big play ground. We also have a school garden. In every occasion our school held a program.  All the teacher and student participate in every occasion.  I love my school very much.

Raiyan Hossin has written about himself

Writer: Raiyan Hossin. Class: Six. Civil Aviation School and College Dhaka

My Self

I’m Raiyan Hossin, 12 years old, live in Dhaka. I’m a student of class six. The name of my school is Civil Aviation School and College. Our class starts at 8:30am. My School is very big. There is a school canteen and library in our school. We use the library at different time. My favorite subject is English. I read books there regularly. There is a big play ground in the school and we play cricket and football there. My school teachers are very friendly. They take care of us. My father goes to the school at the Tiffin time and gives me different types of food regularly. I leave my school at 5:00pm.   

My father is a contractor and my mother is a teacher. I have two sisters and one brother, they are also students. I have many friends. I like them very much. In the afternoon I play with my friends. My favorite game is Cricket….

I get up early in the morning and eat egg and breads regularly. I respect my sisters, parents and teachers. They take care of me very much. I love my family very much.

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