13 Mysterious facts about Pet dog worldwide

Dogs are most trusted companion for man. Dogs are the most popular pet in the Western world. They come in different shapes, sizes and species. There are more than 200 pet dog breeds worldwide. Over the centuries, they have proved themselves to be the closest friends of mankind. But there are a lot of amazing facts about these faithful Pet dog breeds which are unknown to us. I will try to inform them in today’s blog.

13 mysterious facts about pet dog breeds worldwide

1. Dogs became very popular as pets in the sixties. After World War II, the popularity of dogs in the Western world gradually increased.

2. Frederick the Great first described the dog as man’s best friend in the eighteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, an American poet named Ogden Nash popularized the subject.

3. Statistics show that 80 percent of households in the United States have dogs! This shows how popular dogs are in the country.

4. When people sweat, sweat comes out from the whole body. But in the case of dogs it is totally different. Sweat can only come out of the soft flesh under their feet. So there is no way to know if the dogs are feeling hot. However, if a dog feels very hot, it is short of breath and lies down. Frequent breathing gradually cools their body.

5. The world’s tallest dog breed name is The Great Dane. On the other hand, the heaviest dog breed is St. Bernard, they weigh up to 120 kg in adulthood!

6. Dogs of the St. Bernard breed are used as mountain rescue dogs for their size and strength. In other words, if a person gets stuck in the mountains or gets lost, these dogs are given the responsibility to find them. The most successful mountain rescue dog in history was named Barry. The dog was able to save the lives of 40 endangered people.

7. Have you ever wondered why dogs can move their ears so easily? Dog ears have at least 18 different muscles that allow them to move freely.

Unknown information about dog breeds

8. Dogs have much more hearing than humans. Where humans are able to hear a maximum frequency of 2,000 Hz, dogs can hear up to 8,000 Hz! Paul McCartney used a very high frequency flute melody in his song A Day in the Life, so that only his dog could hear the sound.

9. German Shepherd dogs are often seen working with the police force. The reason for this has been identified as their high level of intelligence; desire to explore the surroundings, courage, agility and reliability.

10. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breeds in the world. The species is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The dogs were the first to cross the Chihuahua state border and be brought to the United States!

11. When the Titanic sank in 1912, the three dogs on board were able to save themselves. They were all pet dogs, traveling in a first class cabin with their owner!

12. According to statistics, dogs living in cities live three years longer than village dogs!

13. ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’, a strange phrase used in English, must have made many people wonder! Now let us know the real reason. One day in the seventeenth century, heavy rains in Germany caused all the stray dogs and cats on the streets to drown. The beginning of the proverb from that day!

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