Why you should adopt a dog instead of buying one

You think you should have a puppy. Our dog breeds have been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Sometimes they are our loyal companions, playmates. Some dogs are the guide of someone who cannot see the world, sometimes the guard of our property and sometimes they are guarding our borders with our armed forces. Why you should adopt a dog? Instead of buying a dog you can adopt a street dog to save their life.

They encourage us, make us happy. Fills our home and provides unconditional love. However, there are some things to consider before bringing a dog into the house. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science. Here are a few things to know and consider if you and your dog can have a bond to nurture forever.

People do the most important work for dogs. Some heartless and cruel people may leave their dog behind. Let’s hope that never happens to anyone! If millions of people can have a dog and make it better, you can have it too. Here are some things to keep in mind –

Adopt a dog and think these steps

adopt a dog
adopt a dog

A) Having a dog is not a fashion or lifestyle. It’s a commitment and bond. A dog needs the same care as a human.

B) Try to accept instead of buying. Street dogs are extremely intelligent, trainable and loyal. For your efforts, a stray dog can get a home. Also, they are quite simple and quite healthy compared to the pet species at home.

C) If you want to keep a good breed of dog, you can do research on the breed. Each breed was bred for different purposes and thus bears different characteristics. Ask yourself if you are ready for that particular breed.

D) In Europe or the United States, breeders investigate whether the customer can provide a good home for pet. But in many countries it is seen that most of the time (not necessarily) it is about money and profit. If you pay a pet store enough, they will give a customer a snow dog like Siberian husky or German shepherd! You can easily buy any kind of cute dogs unnecessarily if you have enough money. This is also a kind of animal cruelty. You can choose the dog breed around you. You can continue research on varieties in your area! This will contribute to the survival of some endangered dog species.

E) Find out if you have a vet clinic or a good veterinary near you.

F) If you are a student, make sure that your job is after graduation or a service where you regularly need to go to different places, but you love dogs, feed stray dogs. Taking care of them is as satisfying as rewarding having a dog in a home.

Finally you need a dog

You should have a dog in your life or your family. They are loyal, adorable and very friendly. You cannot go from their line. But think around your life and think dogs info around. It’ll be a good decision to pet a dog near you. Thanks.

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