Heat Stroke Symptoms- what to do?

Heat Stroke Symptoms- The temperature is rising across the world. People are becoming unusable in uncomfortable summer. Heat Stroke Risk is Increasing With Summer…So it is important to be careful about the signs of heat stroke before stepping out of the house in summer.

Heat stroke signs and symptoms

The signs of a hit stroke are sweating, skin becomes dry and red, reducing abnormal blood pressure, increasing body temperature, decreasing abnormal amount of urine, pulse rate is very thin and rapid, head shivering, feeling convulsion in the body, Nausea or vomiting, increasing body temperature in abnormal levels, ie body temperature 104 degrees Fahrenheit or more being.

Heat stroke treatment and recovery

If you see these symptoms as a result of extreme heat or feel it, then there is a fear of a heat stroke. However, some steps may be taken to reduce the risk of a heat stroke. If you feel super hot, light clothes should be wearing. It can easily move the air inside the cloth. It’s good to not wear very tight clothing. If there is a heat stroke around, the affected people will be transferred as soon as possible in the cold environment. If possible, the affected people will be kept in the air-conditioned room. Anyone who has heat stroke should try to reduce body temperature.

The body of the infected person with a heat stroke needs to be wiped with soaked cloth. If needed, you will need to be covered with wet cloth for a while. Also, keep the house fan running. For those who spend most of the day outside under the open sky or roam in the sun, it is better to not work long hours. It’s good to work with small breaks.

We should include in our daily diet some foods that keep our body cool.

After dealing with a heat stroke in the early stages, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible and follow the doctor’s advice.

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