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Tour from Bangladesh to Kolkata- The beginning of the journey was Wednesday. Flight was at 6:30 in the evening. Three hours before the flight I reached at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Many times I have traveled by plane within the country. This was the first time outside the country.

Collection of boarding passes

In the airport there are counters according to the airlines. According to the ticket, I went to the scheduled counters. After giving Ticket and passport to the authorized person and I collected boarding pass. They took my baggage on the counter and I was given a token. In this phase, I had filled the immigration form with passport and visa information


There are some desks inside the immigration department of the airport. On such a desk, I submitted immigration form, boarding pass and passport. Immigration police sealed the passport after knowing how long it will be in India. I was given passport and boarding passes back and kept the immigration form.

Now the time waiting for plane! Whenever an aircraft leaves or come, there is a regular display screen in the airport for displaying such information.

The aircraft was on-time. At 30 minutes I reached Netaji Subhas Bose International Airport. Here’s the immigration form to fill. I submitted immigration form, boarding pass and passport at immigration center. The Immigration Police gave the Arrival Seal in the passport this time. The Authority stored the immigration form and returned the passport and boarding pass.

Calcutta to Delhi

Delhi flight at 9pm. CalcuttaDelhi ticket was collected from Bangladesh. Once again, took the boarding pass after the baggage at the counters of the airlines. Then I was waiting for the Delhi flight. The aircraft was in-time. It was 12 o’clock to reach Delhi airport. Out of the airport, I called Uber. Keep in mind that the installed Uber application can be used in any country in the world. The hotel was already booked by my agency. Within an hour or so, I reached at Paharganj Hotel. I took a sleep after a light breakfast.

Howrah-Bridge- Tour from Bangladesh to Kolkata

After breakfast in the morning I went out for exchanging dollar in rupees. After that, I bought a ticket for Delhi-Manali bus and hired the taxi for the whole day. Our plan was to go Manali by bus from Delhi. By the advice of travel agencies collected Volvo bus ticket. And for the whole day in Delhi, I hired a taxi for 1000 Rupees.

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