Great Wall of China- travel tips

Plan your tour? It’s understood, you will travel the China on your first trip to Beijing, China. So, when visit, which parts of Great Wall to go and how to visit?

Great Wall of China history

The Great Wall of China was constructed basically during the three dynasties- 01. Qin Dynasty (221 B.C-206 B.C), 02. Han Dynasty (206 B.C – 220 A.D) and 03. Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D – 1644 A.D). You may check it on Wikipedia for more details.


The most influential Yuan Dynasty and the last Dynasty – Qing Dynasty did nothing in terms of the construction of the Wall since they were “barbarians” against whom the Great Wall of China was guessed to have been formed.

Indeed the history informs us the Great Wall played no effective role in stopping the “barbarians”. Here and there did the Wall stop any incursion, large or small…But the Great Wall did do many things in a wide range: it notified the bounding line, it deployed the thousands, it prevented disability, it asserted the mighty of the emperor and provided numerous border surfaces for trades.

Beijing may be a sensible place to go the “sections” of the Wall in made by Ming dynasty. Most of the “sections” of the Great Wall receptive tourists here are controlled and reconstructed for the security of visitors. However still there stay several wild ones (original) – crumbling, overgrown and barred to traveler, however attracting journey hikers.

How to travel the Great Wall of China around Beijing?

Here are several tips for planning ahead your travel to Great Wall of China around Beijing: 


Tip 01: the most effective time to hike the Great Wall of China China

In Beijing, all the formally administered sections of the Wall are hospitable tourists all year spherical. The best months for the Wall traveling fall on spring, early summer, and autumn: later March, April, May, June, September, Oct and early Nov.

Great Wall Hike in spring (March fifteen to May fifteen)

Each year, March fifteenth is that the official day of turning off the heating system in Beijing. This special date indicates the dry, harsh cold of Beijing’s winter is coming back to associate finish although Beijiners can still have some chilly days in March.

A warmer spring sometimes starts early April and ends early May. Thus a heat season in Beijing lasts over one month. Kindly reminder: There are a probably mud storms in March. However things are becoming higher with the efforts place into the native surroundings management. Usually speaking, Beijing is dry and windy in spring.

Spring could be a pleasant time to go to the amazing China Wall – gentle climate, inexperienced trees and flowers. However if you hike the Wall, you continue to feel chilly and a small amount cold particularly in March, carrying jackets within the morning and evening thanks to the large temperature drop between day and night.

Visiting in summer (May fifteen to September 15)

If you happen to go to the wall up summer – later June, July and August, be prepared for warmth stroke hindrance – glasses, sun cream, sun block, hat, and water.  Summer is that the rainy season in Beijing and simply bring waterproof just in case. The weather in July and August could be a bit steamy, thus be prepared for your hiking in summer.

You will expect an extended queue, waiting to shop for entrance tickets for the nice Wall primarily thanks to the big variety of domestic tourists attributable to faculty vacations in July and August.

Travel in autumn (September 05 to Nov 15)

The foggy and cloudy days in Beijing’s oppressive summer are a deed of coming back with Beijing’s cooling season, with a blue, comfy sunshine and therefore the colorful leaves in and around Beijing.

Beijing autumn season, specifically the 2 months from the mid-September to period of time are the most effective season to go to visit during a year. It’s continuously well cool outside.

The best amount season colors starts from October fifteen throughout November fifteen in Beijing with several trees dynamic theirs colors with charming season hues. Snap photos or simply soak up a feast for the eyes!

Fairly massive distinction in temperature between early morning and afternoon…Wear a skinny jacket or a heat coat within the morning, long-sleeve shirts or short T-shirts within the afternoon. Thus be aware of the temperature distinction in season, comfy sport shoes, and rubber soled shoes for hiking. In afternoon, generally the season daylight may well be terribly robust, make preparations for glasses, sun cream and sun hat.

Visit Great Wall in winter (November fifteen to March 15)

Winter Hike could be a bit difficult primarily thanks to the frozen weather in later Gregorian calendar month, Jan and early February every year in Beijing. You’re suggested to decorate warmly – winter hat with ear flap, ear heaters, gloves, scarf, heat jackets and their winter accessories.

The Great Wall is not possible to hike solely as a result of the roads resulting in the sections of the Wall is blocked thanks to the significant snow or different extreme weather. If you propose to try and do the hike in winter, we have a tendency to do counsel you check the weather report. Explore however to decorate for visiting in winter.

Tip 02: Avoid weekends or public holidays for the China Great Wall

It is preferable to visit the China Wall during the days instead of weekends or holydays. Highly recommend you not to visit the Wall during China public holidays (Especially May 1-3, and October 1-7).

On these special days you will spoil your valuable time on the way from your hotel to the China Great Wall.

Tip 03: Select the right part of the Wall

There are 8 key sections of the Great Wall around Beijing. 7 of the 8 parts of the Wall are legally open to tourists home and abroad. These sections of the Wall are tamed, repaired and regulated by a local China Great Wall administration bureau with well-managed facilities like parking lots, restaurants, toilets and more.

Tip 04: Choose the right transportation to get to the Great Wall

Take a note of bus No. and route. You may visit by train. So take a look train schedule online. It’ll help you more specifically to make your journey secure and lively.

Tip 05: Book a Great Wall Bus Tour

Don’t want to make the do-it-yourself route? No matter, you can easily book Great Wall Bus Tour (daily group tours) through your hotel or local tour operators.  Check out Beijing Group Tour for more details.

the great wall of china restaurant

Tip 06: Stay near the Great Wall

If you want to spend one night or more near the Great Wall, below are some of the inns and hotels for your inquery:

Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel

The Cummune by the Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Fuwang Courtyard Farmhouse

The Schoolhouse by the Mutianyu Great Wall

Jinshanling Hote

Simatai Great Wall Courtyard Hotel

The Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing

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