Hor meaning | the Egyptian pharaoh

Hor means horizon or horizontal. We can find out the word in the Pharaoh book also. Hor is one of the Egyptian God.

HOW TO USE the word “HOR.” IN A SENTENCE properly?

Example 1. It is very destitute of vegetation, and this is especially the case with the country about Mount Hor, and Petra.

Example 2. After the fall of the Ramessidian kings, the priestly Dynasty of Her-hor does not appear to have made use of them very largely.

Example 3. At the north pole is an hour circle bearing the inscription “Index Hor: Italic.”

Hor the Egyptian pharaoh

Hor (HOR AWIBRE) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty reigning from c. 1777 BC until 1775 BC during the Second Intermediate Period. Pharaoh is known primarily thanks to his nearly intact tomb discovered in 1894 and the rare life-size wooden statue of the king’s Ka it housed.

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