How long do guinea pigs live

Commonly guinea pigs live as pet average five to seven years.

This lifetime is longer than many other small pets. Example: hamsters, gerbils, rats, all of them survive for only a few years.

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What do guinea pigs usually die from?

Generally guinea pigs die from Pneumonia. Pneumonia is actually one of the leading causes of death for many animals. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Some of the symptoms of pneumonia include bad breath, shortness of breath, runny nose, weight loss, red eyes and depression.

Why you shouldn’t get a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are fragile. They are faddy eaters and need a constant supply of hay, vegetables, and vitamin C.

Two: they hate temperature change.

What foods can kill a guinea pig?

Potatoes, potato leaves and the plant itself, as well as any potato chips are harmful to the health of your guinea pig.

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