What are the small breeds of horses?

The horse is a symbol of speed. There was a time when horse racing would bring speed to every life. Horses are royal animals. The power of this royal species is manifested in their speed of running. We are basically aware of large breeds of horses. But there are some rare horse breeds in the world that are very small, beautiful and expensive. The smallest horse in the record is Einstein.

Thumbelina is another one who is hold the record of smallest horse in the world.The smallest horse is Thumbilina, who sadly died in 2018.

Small breed of horse

Horses are in a variety of colors and sizes. Some are huge sized like
Clydesdales that pull grand carriages and others can be relatively small.

On the other hand, a few smaller breeds of horses may not be large enough to move speedily, they can make for great companions.

How is a Small Horse Breed named?

A horse is named small breed when it stands 20-57 inches or 5-14.25 hands in horse measurements — from the ground to its wither.

I have listed here the names of 12 horse breeds which are small horse breeds.

  1. Shetland Pony
  2. Miniature Horse
  3. Icelandic Horse
  4. Noma Pony
  5. Fjord Horse
  6. Haflinger
  7. Falabella
  8. Yonaguni Horse
  9. Class B Kentucky Mountain Horses
  10. Guoxia
  11. Pony of the Americas
  12. American Quarter Pony

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