How long do Pygmy Goats live

Pygmy Goats live 8-12 years. The pygmy breed is quite different from other goat breeds and has a longer life span.

Pygmy goats are good pets. The goat breeds are friendly, easy to handle, social, and love to play. These are small domestic goat, originally native to Southwest Asia.

Research shows, goats were domesticated 8,500 years ago for meat, milk and fiber.

Pygmy are the best companions for the kids. Anyone can handle this breed.

PygmyGoats facts

An adult pygmy goat height is between 16 and 23 inches; Weight: (24–34 kg);

The basic colors of pygmys are black, dark brown and medium brown. There are very rare solid colors of pygmy gpats.

The pygmy goat gestation period is usually between 143 and 157 days.

Goat food habit is mysterious. Usually goats try any food to get tast. There is a word goats eat everything. It is not right though. Of course, the PygmyGoat loves to eat raw grass; Besides, the goats of this breed eat chickpeas, dry husks, etc. very naturally.

Are pygmy goats destructive?

PygmyGoats were mostly fat and lazy. They can be a bit destructive though. They are friendly and easy to handle.

What kind of shelter do pygmy goats need?

Pygmygoats are small, so their shelters don’t have to be large. It is better between 8 and 10 square feet of space for each caprine.

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