I hate everything

I love everything…no no no it is impossible to love everything. I hate everything…yes yes yes it is possible to hate everything.

We the people all over the world are not immortal, but we think there will no moment come to stop our life. So we are doing almost everything against our life, our nature. I hate everything what we are doing against nature, where we have to go.

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I hate everthing what we have invented to lead our life comfortably against nature.

I hate everything what we are creating with our worse technology in nature.

Even I hate every selfish act of ours. I hate all acts against humanity.

To lead our life in nature we can easily take natural resources. We receive everything from nature, but we are destroying nature. All our actions are against nature. I hate all of these things.


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About the Author: K.Homer

Blogger and love to read different things online. My word is simple...I think, we are the real alien in this earth with our worse technology.