Human alien

Human alien

From experience and some considerations I have come to the feeling that we humans came from an extraterrestrial world on this planet. We human are the real alien of this world. To know about the real world we have to go through the information of our DNA. In fact, our every activity in the world questions whether we are really the creatures of this world.

Any work created by us in the world ignores the natural order and normal order of this world. In this world, where no other animal needs to build a house, humans need high raised buildings to protect themselves and all that is done is destroying nature.

Interesting information about human alien

In real life some things seem strange to me why we humans are so different from other animals on this planet. A planet where thousands of animals live, an animal we humans are only different, who have to learn to float in the water in a ship, to fly in the sky in an airplane without wings, to go to another planet in a rocket for some different information; It’s wonderful.

We humans are considered aliens to the rest of the planet. Daily new research about the world and even research about the entire universe is done only by us from this planet.We even think that supernatural forces are watching or controlling us.

We have different religions and different languages ​​in each place of the world. In general, each of our religions deals with different planets and some supernatural things. Although some things are not elaborated in these old religious books, here the matter of us i.e. people coming from one place to earth and returning to a particular place has been specially described.

At the end

This blog was not created to prove that we humans are an alien in this world, but to understand that we are a strange behaving creature in the world and to get some new information from you. However, already in different countries of the world, movies or documentaries are being made to give ideas about aliens, which are working well to make us aware that we are also considered as aliens to the creatures of some planet.

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About the Author: K.Homer

Blogger and love to read different things online. My word is simple...I think, we are the real alien in this earth with our worse technology.