Ideal protein food without meat

Meat is expensive…and also bad for health sometimes. If you think meat is not fit for your health okay then you can meet for taste to other healthy foods as an alternative given below.

Ideal Protein rich food

Alternative food for protein- Protein should be 20 or 30 percent of our daily diet. Many of us think that protein is only available on meat. But there are other sources of protein besides meat. Suppose someone wants to avoid meat or want to be vegetarian, but how will fulfill his body needs like meat? We can get plenty of protein from eggs, milk, cheese, curd, fish, bean seeds, nuts, peas, soybean, potato, vegetables etc. Cooking these meals in various ways, such as preparing boots of pulse dal, egg-milk pudding, pies, fish cutlet or chop, pulses, curd etc. will be filled with protein without the need of meat.

Let’s know what could be the complement of the meat. A piece of 30 grams of meat contains 6 grams of protein. Instead, you can eat 160 grams of nuts, one and a half cups of milk, 35 grams of fish, half cup peas, 2 cups of liquid dal, 20 grams of cheese, 25 grams of pulses, 15 grams soybean, 20 grams of mustard etc. any one of them.

Alternative food for protein- Many want to avoid meat for weight loss or void for heart conditions. In that case, there is no lack of protein, so be careful. You can choose different varieties of protein as a vegetable source. By mixing two or three types of pulses, its organic value increases further as a protein. Apart from eating a mixture of one protein additional benefits are available from egg-pulse, hodgepodge, milk-egg breakfast, etc. From nuts Magnesium and omega 3 fats which will be beneficial. Milk, cheese, curd etc. are very beneficial for protein as a substitute for meat. In addition to calcium, beneficial bacteria can be found for curd or cheese. Soybean also has good calcium.

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