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Delicious fast food worldwide- Usually we do not want to eat that food if it is not good to eat. But if properly cooked, all foods are delicious to eat. Delicious foods in the tongue became popular because of taste. Lifestyle blogging website mentions some famous foods. Know which country’s food is famous all over the world.

World’s most delicious fast food list 

Massaman Curry, Thailand

It’s a very popular food in Thailand. Thai Massaman curry is very tasty and very interesting to eat. This is a type of spice, cocoa gourds, and a sweet and savory meal. In all cases, you will find all kinds of flavors in a meal. This famous curry is rich and very tasty.

Neapolitan pizza, Italy


This pizza in Italy is famous for its taste. This pizza is made up of three types of fresh tomatoes, handmade dough and straight wood fire. Because of this, the taste of this pizza from other pizzas is quite different.

Sushi, Japan

Delicious fast food worldwide- Sushi is a very popular meal in Japan and around the world. Sushi plates are arranged with seafood, rice, vegetables and various fruits. It’s a very healthy and delicious meal.

Hamburger, Germany

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Burgers are available in most countries. However, the taste of Hamburger made in Germany is quite different. This hamburger made from a mixture of bread, meat and salad will give you complete satisfaction.

Thai tom yum goong

Another famous food in Thailand is Tom Yum Goong. Varieties of shrimp fishes, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves are used to make it, which will increase its taste several times.

Muamba Chicken, Gabon

Chicken Africa in Gabon in Africa is a very popular meal. This meal is cooked with chicken meat, tomato, bay leaf, garlic and peanut butter. To eat this meal with rice is very tasty

Kebab, Iran

The taste of the famous kebab of Iran is not like this. It is very delicious to eat this barbecue with rice, barley or raisin rice. The cabbage is made with beef, goat or chicken meat. This barbecue is made by burning it in the fire or by oven.

Lasagna, Italy

Go to Italy and do not eat lasagna what is that? This lasagna is made with pasta layer, cheeses, tomato sauce and meat minced. It is unrivaled in taste and it looks amazing. Do not look at once. Wish to eat frequently.

Fish and chips, Britain

Fish and chips are available in different countries of the world. But Britain’s Fish N Chips are very different. Various types of fish are marinated by submarine oil in various ways and fry with special French fries. So, in the UK, certainly the fish n chips will come to taste.

Chicken parmigiana, Australia

Chicken parmigiana is one of the few famous foods in Australia. Baked with tomato based Neapolitan sauce and cheese on top of Chicken Breast. After eating this delicious tasty meal, its taste still remains in the face of a long time.

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