Indian clothes online dominate Bangladeshi Market

Local fashion houses have taken place in the market of their own motivation in Bangladesh.

Local fashion houses have taken place in the EID and different festivals with their own personalities beside foreign clothes in Bangladesh. With the foreign trend of attracting local traders, the smallest of all the Boutique House, decorated with aesthetic design, mixed the local heritage. The color of the cotton cloth is kept in the color of the brightness also. But buyers are somewhat resentful about the price.

Indian clothes online- Due to external exposure and free import, Indian clothing dominated the EID and different festivals market in the last few years. But among these, there are various national brands competing. By combining traditional practices with local traditions to attract buyers, the Fashion house has brought a number of Boutique houses to the clothes. Buyers in the fashion house have risen to buy their favorite clothes for themselves and loved ones at EID and other festivals time.

Indian clothes dominate Bangladesh

Indian clothes online- The vendors said, there are more glazes and more shiny of the Indian clothes than Bangladeshi clothes. However, in recent years some boutique houses have brought much artistry and aesthetics to our country’s clothes.

Another vendor said that the design of our Bangladeshi clothes is mixing with foreign design. The interest of the customers is growing.

Considering the hot and rainy things, Salwar Kameez, Saree Panjabi and Kurti have been made in cotton, linen fabric, viscose and silk fabrics. Various motifs have a variety of skin prints, rugged, embroidery and perfect hand work.

The vendors said, we have brought diversity in everything from Sari, Salwar kameez. Handmade and blocks-Batik is going well.

Buyers say, some people are looking at Indian clothes by watching the Hindi serial. But the clothes are comfortable to wear and the quality is good because the Bangladeshi native bootics dress is the most loved them.

steps should be taken against Indian clothes

Buyers said different dresses in the name of Hindi serial. It’s actually a bit crazy. The things in our country are comfortable with the weather in the country.

If the price is slightly lower, then the domestic clothing sales will increase further.

Buyers said that a good quality dress could be bought between three to four thousand BDT. But now the budget is going to increase it a bit more.

There vendors demanding effective steps to stop the import of garments illegally during the festival to protect domestic clothing market.

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