Latest war weapons Trade: Terrible arms trade is going on

Terrible arms trade is going on in the name of world war, 100 billion dollars a year! Terrible arms trade is rampant in the name of global war. Developing countries are urging the world’s superpowers to buy Latest war weapons. India is buying arms from Russia and Israel, Pakistan is buying from America and China. Myanmar is not far behind. They are also buying weapons from China. Similarly, Muslim states have stumbled. Saudi Arabia in particular is also buying a huge Latest war weapons. Only a handful of countries now control the world arms trade. They are pocketing billions of dollars in the arms trade. On the other hand, the pockets of developing countries are being emptied.

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There is unrest going on all over the world. Some countries have increased arms imports for fear of getting involved in war. Countries in Asia and the Middle East are ahead in the competition. Saudi Arabia is buying arms because of the Middle East conflict. In addition, China’s Latest war weapons trade is growing in the South China Sea. Arms exports are believed to be on the rise as global tensions rise and war erupts. And naturally the United States is the largest supplier.

Which Countries Are Selling The Most Weapons?

Global Latest war weapons trade: Buyers and Sellers

2012 to 2016 saw the largest global arms trade in any five-year period since the end of the Cold War. During this time most of the countries in the Middle East put more emphasis on increasing their military capabilities and in this case they turned to the United States and Europe. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), between 2012 and 2016, about 43 percent of global arms exports went to countries in Asia and Oceania. It was 7.6 percent higher than the previous period from 2006 to 2011.

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In 2015, a total of 80 billion worth of weapons were sold worldwide, up from 89 billion in the previous year. Of this, the United States alone sold 40 billion worth of weapons, 4 billion more than the previous year. France, the world’s second-largest supplier, has sold 15 billion worth of weapons; that’s 9 billion more than in 2014. Arms sales are expected to exceed 100 billion in 2019.

Developing countries were the main buyers of arms. Qatar bought the most weapons in 2015, worth 17 billion. Egypt has agreed to buy 12 billion worth of weapons. Not far behind is Saudi Arabia, which spent more than 8 billion last year. The next countries to buy arms are South Korea, Pakistan, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

Russia and China, on the other hand, are followed by the United States and France. Next in line are Sweden, Italy, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Israel. Russia sold 11.1 billion worth of weapons last year; Most of it was bought by Venezuela. Russia’s revenue from arms sales in 2014 was 11.2 billion. China sold 6 billion worth of weapons last year, more than double its 2014 revenue.

NATO alliance have maintained their dominance in arms production

Friends of the NATO alliance have maintained their dominance in arms production; of these, Germany is increasingly producing advanced naval equipment and the United Kingdom is marketing modern warplanes to developing countries. However, a large part of the latest war weapons trade remains in the global economy. Concerned about the internal budget deficit, many countries have dropped or reduced their willingness to buy new weapons. Some states have limited their military budgets to modern weapons, training, and service assistance. However, arms imports have increased in Asia.

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The arms market will grow significantly this year. The United States and Russia are the largest exporters of arms. Leading buyers are Saudi Arabia, India, China and the United Arab Emirates. The United States and European countries have been supplying sophisticated weapons to the Saudi-led coalition in its recent offensive in Shiite Yemen.

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