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Los Angeles- Although centuries have passed since Columbus discovered the New World, Europeans, especially the Spaniards, have been preoccupied with the east coast of the Americas.

Meanwhile, California’s vast coastline on the west coast has not been given much attention.

In 1777, the then Spanish governor of Mexico and California, Felipe de Neve, first thought of building a city on the west coast.

In continuation of that thought, and essentially by the persecution and eviction of the local Native Indians, a new city was founded in September 1781.

Felipe de Neve’s city is called Los Angeles.

Los Angeles – America’s second largest city


It is the America’s second largest city. The first is New York and the third is Chicago.

It is divided into two parts called Northern and Southern California for ease of management. San Francisco is a city named after Northern California. On the other hand, in addition to Los Angeles, there is San Diego in Southern California.

However, the largest and most famous city in the entire state is Los Angeles. So, as the largest city in the scenic state of California, It has a special place.


There’s the world-famous Hollywood, there’s Disneyland, there’s the Oscar-hosting Kodak Theater, there’s Universal Studios and all the other well-known studios. Above all there is the mind-blowing natural beauty and the unique Pacific Ocean. Disneyland is the only Disneyland in the world built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney, the founder of Disneyland.

Los Angeles has been called the creative capital of the world. One out of every six residents here works in some creative organization.

There are so many spectacular things in this city. Which one to leave and which one to see. But first of all, Sunset Boulevard. This is the road from Los Angeles to Hollywood. The Hollywood movie journey began in 1911 with the construction of a small studio on Sunset Boulevard.

Over time, filmmakers, actors-actresses, artisans have all flocked here. A similar movie, Sunset Boulevard, was made in 1950 with the fictional story of one such Hollywood actress, Norma Desmond.

When you go to a city, a rough way to get an idea of that place, to get an idea of the intellectual position there is to visit the university campus. A combination of all the prestigious universities across California.

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