Manlikeclix on Traveling to Santorini, Greece

Manlikeclix  who’s real names are Gwei Noel Yengong is much more than just a fashion designer, though he is an amazing fashion designer. Aside from that, Manlikeclix is also a traveling mogul. Through his Instagram, @manlikeclix, and his blog, The Noel Closet, you can follow his traveling adventures and stories.

Manlikeclix Life on Travelling with unique fashion sense

Manlikeclix lives every single day to the fullest, and he does so through his unique fashion sense and his immense traveling. He is never sitting still because there is always somewhere to go and something to see.


One place that Manlikeclix loves to go to is Santorini, Greece. According to his blog, The Noel Blog, one place you must go when traveling to Greece is Santorini because it feels like “no other place on earth.” He goes further to explain how Santorini was formed as one one of the mythical islands and has survived through some severe volcanic eruptions.

Manlikeclix-stylish photo

Manlikeclix on Traveling to Santorini

            He states “Here, everything is brighter: the whitewashed cube-shaped houses, the lapis lazuli sea, and the sunsets that light up the caldera.” Sounds amazing, right? Gwei Noel yengong surely makes it seem like it.

            Aside from Santorini being beautiful, Gwei Noel Yengong  himself always travels in style. He will never be seen anywhere without fashionable outfits that represent his own unique sense of style. Below, you can see photos from Manlikeclix’s most recent trip to Santorini this last month. In these photos, you can see him rocking the summer and island vibes through his loose button-up shirts and bright colors.

@manlikeclix to Santorini, Greece
@manlikeclix to Santorini, Greece

“What’s interesting about Santorini is those cycles and holly churches built with so much precision and a proper plan.” – @manlikeclix Instagram

“I believe in 2 things in this world, kindness and good personality.” – @manlikeclix Instagram

@manlikeclix Instagram

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