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It’s an article about Bangladeshi delicious food written by a little girl studying at Tejgoan Govt. Girls High School…It’s not edited.

Delicious food in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a place of natural beauty. Bangladeshi traditions and culture are amazing. Bangladeshi most of foods are related to her culture and tradition. Bengali people love to follow their tradition. That’s why in every occasion we like to prepare our traditional food. Bengalis main traditional food is PANTA ELISH. It’s the most common food item and we usually take this item in especial occasion. The occasion is POHELA BOISHAKH. It’s our Bengali calendars first day and a lovable day. Not only POHELA BOISHAKH but also EID-UL-FITAR, EID-UL-ADHA, etc are Bengalis special day. In these days people of all walks of life prepare different items food as like PITHA, PHIRNI, BIRIANI, etc. These are our Bengalis favorite foods.

Delicious Bangladeshi food lover

Food in Bangladesh- Our people are very much fond of food. They are called food lover. They can eat any types of delicious food if it is sometimes not healthy.  Bangladesh is also famous county of different types of dessert. You will find many kinds of dessert like rice cakes, pastry, pudding, firni, roshomalaie, chamcham, etc. are mostly made by rice and cow milk. Bangladeshi people are also very fond of fast foods now a day. There favorite fast food is FUSHKA which is loved by all. Bangali love to make different kinds of food and they love to do different things too. Food is very important for every life. But overtaken food is not good for one life. Bangladeshi people are not willing to obey health rules. They love to eat their sweet will.

Foods in Bangladesh are very famous all over the world. The specialty of Bangladeshi food is more spicy and tasty. Rice is the main food of Bangladeshi people yet they eat many delicious items with rice. Beside rice different kinds of lentils, fish, curry, are also main food of Bangladeshi. Here is a list of Bangladeshi Food: PARATA, KACCHI BIRIANI (which is famous in old Dhaka), VHUNA KHICHURI, PATLA KHICHURI, MOROG POLAOU, RICE with CURRY, VORTA, etc.

These are Bangladeshi favorite food. People love to prepare special foods in special occasion. It’s generally said that Bangladeshi are food lover and they love to make food and like to serve food. They like to serve foods as well as like to make the guests happy. People of Bangladesh maintain their culture and tradition very carefully and closely…

Written by Shajuti Mostafa, Tejgoan Govt. Girls High School

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