Priyanka Chopra Memoir ‘Unfinished’ expressed her words

This time Priyanka Chopra made her debut as a writer. The book ‘Unfinished’ written about Priyanka Chopra Memoir was published. In the book, she writes about her life experiences, sorrows, patriarchal society and prejudice.

In this book, she tells the real story of her journey from a small town girl to Hollywood. Early in her career, she wrote in her book about the bitter experience of what Bollywood wanted from her. According to Zoom, the actress had to undress one by one during an appealing song shoot. Since the song was big, Priyanka asked the director if she would wear more clothes so that her body would not be easily displayed.

The director forced Priyanka to show panties!

Priyanka wrote in the book, ‘The director said he had talked to the stylist before and explained the scene. Standing next to Priyanka, the director said that it is necessary to show the panties no matter what. Or why the audience will come to see the film?

Priyanka wrote, she was ready to do the daring scene. But the way the director said it seemed to her, the director thought she was unacceptable. So the next day she came out of the cinema. Even after out of the film, Priyanka met the director on another set. The situation became so tense that her co-star Salman had to intervene to deal with it.

Priyanka had another bad experience when she auditioned for her first film after winning the World Beauty Pageant in 2000. Due to her independent attitude, Priyanka said that after a few conversations at first, the director and producer told her to go for a walk. She does that. Director even made derogatory remarks about Priyanka. He made many indecent remarks about her body. Priyanka said that in order to become an actress, one has to keep an eye on her body shape, breasts and buttocks, even looking for a doctor in Los Angeles.

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