Red Merle Australian Shepherd VS Border collie

The Australian Shepherd mix dogs and Border collie are not only keep dog breeds, but also affectionate pets.

There are some similarities between their assigned job such as sheep herd and the owner as a profitable pet.

However, it will be interesting to understand the differences displayed as discussed in this article.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a pet dog breed called the Assy working dog and Little Blue Dog, originating from the United States.

These are medium-sized dogs; an adult male weighs about 23 to 29 kg and can measure about 51 to 58 cm in dry height.

The colors of their coats are usually black, red, blue merle and red merle. They have a smooth coat of fur with their hair. There are black, red or tan marks on the face and legs.

There is a great variety of eye colors among Australian shepherds, and sometimes single dog eyes can be of two colors, this is known as heterochromia.

Their ears are medium in size and usually pointed downwards. They are born with a bobbed, full long or partially tailed tail.

Australian shepherds need special attention and good practice and they enjoy their work very much. Their normal lifespan is about 11 to 13 years.

Border collie

Border Collies originated in England and Scotland and they are great pet dogs with great intelligence.

These are a medium fur coat for a medium sized dog. Adult males measure about 46 to 58 centimeters in height and have an average weight of about 23 kilograms.

Border buds come in many colors, although black and white are the most common colors.

They have beautiful colors with different shades that vary from brown to amber or red and sometimes appear in heterochromia border coli.

Ear sizes also vary from person to person, as some dogs have ear piercings and some have ear damage.


They have a long bushy tail that goes downwards. These dogs are medium sized puzzles and average muscles for body size and length.

In general, border collies require good daily practice and a satisfying emotional stimulation.

They are good runners and can run more than 80 kilometers a day.

Their average lifespan is about 12 years, and they were the first practical functional shepherd and after that, it became a loyal and loving pet.

What’s the difference between an Australian Shepherd and a Border collie?

They are both dogs, but the Australian shepherd was born in the United States, while the border Collies in England and Scotland.

The coat collections of Australian shepherds are usually in black, red, blue merle and red merle, but the border collies are usually colored in black and white coats.

Border Collies are more efficient than Australian shepherds. Border pitchers can run faster and learn faster than Australian shepherds.

Border Collie vs Red Merle Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds have a bobbed, long and semi-bob tail, while Border Collies always have a long bushy tail. Australian shepherds always have ear drops, but they can be dropped or erected in border collies.

Border collies are lighter and smarter than Australian shepherds.

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