Measures against Cyber Crimes

Less cost of using Internet technology and easy access to computer connection with Internet is increasing the users in the cyber world. As everyone can easily use cyberspace without paying so much credit, users are not so much careful when they use cyberspace. They feel free to use cyberspace. They do not take any security measures against Cyber Crimes at the time of using computer or electronic devices. Many people in today’s world know that illegal activities take place in cyberspace.

Hackers are trying best to hack others from whom they can be benefited. Not only hacking but also other crimes in the cyberspace are happening today. These may occur for monetary benefit or for criminal’s self satisfaction like revenge. From individual to companies are victim of cyber criminals. It is important to take protection against these criminals..

Not only laws nationally but also there are some steps that are to be taken against cyber crimes. All sectors are falling victim to cyber attacks. In this case, women are the main target in today’s world. Bangladesh is a developing country. Its economy is rising rapidly. So the country is in risk about the safety regarding cyber activities of cyber criminals. There are some measures which can prevent cyber criminals from the society. These steps are –

a) Education against cyber crimes

Education can be good defense against cyber criminals…If the user of account becomes educated can control him from cyber crimes. They can be taught on cyber security easily. After all, an educated user’s account cannot be hacked easily by the hackers. Every country can take steps to teach the users how to control over his account safely.

b) Using strong password

User can use strong password in his account to save himself from cyber hackers. Passwords should be repeated in different sites. It should be changed continuously in one’s account. Given password should be large.

It is seen that some users use phone number as a password. It can be assumed by the hackers easily. Password management app can help in this regard. Passwords must be unique so that it cannot be guessed by the hackers easily. So it is clear that using strong and unique passwords can prevent users from cyber criminals.

c) Strong application of cyber laws

Global world is rising rapidly due to having easy access to cyberspace without paying more. But this easy access is threatening us in many ways. Keeping in mind these disadvantages of cyberspace, most of the countries have cyber laws to prevent cyber criminals. But these laws are to be applied strongly against criminals of cyberspace.

In Bangladesh there are some laws and provisions on cyber criminals. If these are applied strongly and exemplary judgment is announced against any offender, then the activities in cyberspace will be controlled. But it is a matter of sorrow that we have no such examples of punishment. But in India there are many cases where cyber criminals had been punished.

d) Security software

It is very much useful for business purpose. It helps a business to continue without disturbance. Even it will help a person from malicious activities and unauthorized traffic.

e) Managing social media setting

It is also important to manage social media setting to control over own account. In Bangladesh it is seen that one facebook user updates his all activities by posting. Some users shares every moment of their life. These are also helpful for the users to collect data of that user through his social media account…So to keep secure, one should not shares his activities publicly which will be threatened for him at later time. Social engineering cybercriminals get information to hack or destroy other information it the accounts are not managed in a proper way.

f) Updating using software

Software should be updated to escape from the cyber criminals. By updating using software, user can make barrier for the hackers to hack or entry the computer system of the users…Most of the time we continuously use different software in our electronic media but forget to update which clears the path to hack our system by the miscreants.

g) Ethics and morality

Ethics and morality both are very important to lessen cyber crimes. A person having morality cannot do any harm to others. Ethics and morality should be introduced regarding cyber crimes in front of cyber world. Introduction of ethics and morality can reduce cyber crimes from cyberspace.

Those who blackmail a girl or woman or a rich man will not do this if he becomes strong morally. Having these one cannot make fake video or morphed video or porn video using his ex. girl friend to fall her in trouble. So these should be practiced to reduce cyber crimes and to enshrine cyber criminals.

h) Using a firewall

Firewalls monitor traffic between computer or network and the Internet and it works as a first line defense. So hackers or cyber criminals cannot entry one’s computer system for having a firewall in his system. So it is wise to use firewall to protect cyber criminals and to discourage cyber criminals to attempt to harm other users.

i) Talking to children about Internet

As internet is helpful in many ways our children are using it restlessly. They do not know how to attack them when they use it. But children should be taught about internet’s demerits. When they use internet they should be more careful about using it. Otherwise they can be attacked any time in the cyberspace.

j) Installing anti-virus software

Immunity can be broken due to attack of virus in any computer. It can make them vulnerable to external attacks. At any time computer system can be attacked due to having viruses in the electronic devices. For escaping from external attacks one user should install antivirus. Users should update them regularly so that cyber criminals cannot find any way to attack the users.

k) Clicking right button

As we use internet we should be careful because we are not free from cyber attack. Sometimes we forget the bad impacts of using it carelessly. Forgetting the bad impacts or cyber attacks sometimes we reckless click on our devices. It may cause harm any time in the cyberspace…So one user should be more cautious when the user clicks on button of his devices.

Even in a company there has a computer operator. Sometimes for operator’s negligence, cyber criminals may find way to entry that computer system and collecting information can attack the business institution. So we should pay full concentration when we click on any button of our devices.

l) Training

Training program can be introduced on causes of cyber crimes against women and men towards all users of internet in different devices. Getting trained user can be more expert than before. It can also protect users from cyber criminals. The govt. of the country can make training program nationally to understand people about the bad impacts of computer based internet if we are not cautious about using it carefully.

Here those are expert in information technology and computer can be recruited as trainer. If it can be introduced, users will be escaped from cyber criminals. After training, user will be able to know how to use computer without any risk.

m) Awareness

Awareness is the best solution against cyber criminals. Cyber criminals always try to find easy way to attack the users. Firstly, Cyber criminal targets a person or company. According to their target, they try to collect information from them and for this they find easy way to attack them. Our awareness can prevent them from attacking. When we use internet should be aware. So it is the best solution against cyber criminals.

n) Strong National IT method

Every country is in competition for development…So all countries are in risk to be attacked by the hackers or miscreants in the cyberspace. By hacking one country can lose another country.

So the country which is in rising can make strong security measures against cyber criminals. Strong security measures and laws can prevent the country from cyber attacks. Today in most of the countries are in high risk. In election time it is common scene that one country’s information may be hacked by another country’s hackers.

o) National and international cooperation:

Cooperation can minimize cyber crimes in the cyberspace. National security is needed regarding data. Every country needs this security. To maintain data safe national and international cooperation is needed to escape from cyber criminals. No nation is free from cyber attacks…Because for cyber attacks there no specific place. From anywhere they can attack crossing national borders across the world. As a result economy of the world may be collapsed due to cyber attacks. Large business farm can be destroyed.

Besides, rich man and individual can be affected due to cyber attacks. As a consequence, whole world can be collapsed by victim of it. Not it is the time for international cooperation to reduce cyber criminals from cyberspace. Today having there are so many cyber crimes users do not feel free to use computer devices based on internet…So national and international cooperation is a crying need against cyber criminals.

p) Not opening all attachments

In our social Medias, it is generally seen that friends of our social media send various types of attachments in our own account. Sometimes we recklessly and without knowing much about that user we open the sent attachment. If we cannot recognize the person personally or through social media, he can be harmful in any time for the user who opened the attachment.

So, we should be more careful using our social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Sometimes sending user maybe close to the recipient user but in later time there may not have good relationship between or among them. Keeping this in mind, the recipient should be more careful to open anything sent from that sender who is close to him.

There are many instances that by sending different attachments hackers are trying best to snatch passwords or information from the victim in the cyber space. As a result, all information in his account can be stolen instantly and can be threatened by the hackers because they can demand anything from the recipient or victim person.

q) Knowledge about bad impacts of cyber space

We are living in global world and taking advantages from this global world. Global world has blessed us with many technologies. Internet and computer are among them. As we get these advantages easily we are not much aware about its impacts when we use these devices. From individual to businessmen are not aware about bad impacts of cyber space. We recklessly use different software in our business and in our personal activities.

We give all our details in these softwares and these make it easy for hackers to find out data about that particular person or businessmen. So, for escaping from cyber criminals should have knowledge about how to use it without any risks.

As the maximum users do not know about the bad impacts of cyber space, they feel free to use it easily and give all information about them in the cyber space such as Facebook, Twitter etc. So, if the knowledge about bad impacts of cyber impacts are introduced to all the users of cyber space, the criminals in the cyber space can be prevented as they will use the devices in connection with internet carefully.

Writer: Mithun Kumar Saha, Department of Law, University of Dhaka.

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