Surprise in Russian sky Tu-160M2 Supersonic

Surprise in Russian- Russia has on the biggest upgrade of the world’s largest supersonic especial bomber, the Tupolev Tu-160M2 “White Swan” NATO mentioned “Blackjack”.

Country: Russia

Outside: Blackjack

First Buyer: Russian Air Force

Construction Organization: Kazan Aircraft Enterprise

Design: Tupolev Aircraft Design Company

Specialty: The world’s largest supersonic fighter

Engine: Kujenetsov NK-3T Turbo Foam

Can fly continuously: At least 15 hours with 130 tons of fuel oil

Commercial transfer begins: In 2023

At the end of modernization: New engines, electronic infrastructure, glass cockpit, communication and improved control

Supersonic Tu-160M2 devastating aircraft in Russia’s sky

Surprise in Russian- Who not know about the great fighter aircraft in Russia? Putin has taken steps to further consolidate the country’s sky. As part of this, Russia’s strategic new aviator Tu-160 It has long been a headache for the West. The world’s largest supersonic warship has now decided to modernize the Kremlin. Tu-160 m2 was on sky for the first time launched in February 2018.

In the latest and most powerful of the new warfare, The Kuznetsov NK-32 Turbofan engine has been used, which is more efficient. This engine is considered to be the strongest for the war. From the previous model engine it is even more unoccupied. If there is an additional distance to travel, it will have fuel refueling from other aircraft.

It is believed that the Tu-160M2 aircraft will have KH-101/102 cruise missiles as like previous model. This Russia’s missile can hit the maximum distance from 5000 kilometers. The new ballistic missile, KH 101, is considered to be the ultimate missile in the world, the longest advanced technology. Such missiles are being used in Russian air strike in Syria.

It is also get recognition in the world as a speeding air fighter. At least four crews will be needed to fly the plane at a speed of about 2,500 kilometers per hour. There is no further detail about what’s new in the world’s largest supersonic warfare.

Tu-160M2 Supersonic

The Tupolev aircraft design firm, by Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev, renowned aircraft designer of the Soviet Union, designed the design of the Tu-60 aircraft in the 1980s. The 19th of December 1981 was the first to fly in the sky. Initially, 35 models of this model were built, out of which eight prototypes and 27 serial models had aircraft.

In addition to conventional bombs, capable to carry the two nuclear bombs Tu-160 is associated with Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

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