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Today’s blog I’ve focused some testosterone booster foods which can help you to get enough Libidos. There are no less men around us who have less testosterone. Many times we can’t catch it because we don’t get tested. Or they themselves do not know about this shortcoming. One of the reasons for low testosterone or male hormone is regular high fat diet, as well as reluctance to exercise.

Like commercial milk that has high levels of trans-fat or cooked in the microwave but also inhibits the growth of testosterone. And the barrier to the production of testosterone is the eruption of libido. Even in countries like America an average of half millions men are found to have testosterone deficiency every year. Remember that as your belly grows, so does your body fat, and testosterone decreases in that proportion. So if you want to increase testosterone, do not allow fat to accumulate in the body. You have to sweat for this.

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4 foods that decrease testosterone

1. Commercial milk, yogurt and cheese

2. Packaged and processed foods

3. Soy-based foods

4. Food made in the microwave

These foods should be avoided as much as possible by boys as they contain estrogenic and progesterone compounds. As estrogen increases, the hormone testosterone decreases normally. Gradually, some signs of femininity will appear.

4 foods that increase testosterone:

1. Whole eggs

2. Beef (grass-eating cattle)

3. Almonds

4. Coconut oil

The foods mentioned above are a source of saturated fats, which contain cholesterol. That cholesterol is what makes testosterone in our body. That said, it is better not to eat more saturated fat. A balance must be maintained. Eating too little can lower testosterone levels, and too much can be detrimental to heart health.

According to a report in the Journal of Applied Physiology, 40 percent of the fat in the diet greatly increases testosterone levels. Compared to those who have 20 percent fat in their diet, their testosterone levels are also very low.

Little Known Facts About Testosterone Booster Foods – And Why They Matter

After the age of thirty, the amount of testosterone hormone in the body of a man begins to decrease. This results in memory loss as well as decreased libido, problems in erectile dysfunction, bad mood and lack of attention.

However, to get rid of this problem, it is beneficial to eat some food regularly.

A nutrition website mentions some of the foods that help increase the release of testosterone hormone in the body. The names of those foods were mentioned in this report.

12 Testosterone Booster Foods


Honey contains boron, a natural healing ingredient. This mineral increases testosterone levels and keeps nitric oxide levels right. Which dilates the arteries and transmits energy to the penis.


These vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. There is also indole three-carbinal. This ingredient makes testosterone more effective by reducing the amount of the female hormone estrogen.


The allicin compound in garlic helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, testosterone works well. Make it a habit to eat garlic raw to get good results.


Eggs contain saturated fat, omega 3s, vitamin D, cholesterol and protein. These ingredients are essential for the production of the hormone testosterone.


The bromelain enzyme in this fruit helps increase testosterone levels. And serves as a source of energy supply for a long time.

Almonds Testosterone Booster

A handful of nuts a day is enough for a ‘sex drive’ for both women and men. These nuts contain zinc which increases the hormone testosterone and increases libido.


Zinc is important in making testosterone. Oysters are rich in minerals. Which helps increase the amount of testosterone.

If you don’t like oysters, then cheese can be an alternative. Especially Swiss and Ricotta cheese.

Sour fruit

In addition to reducing ‘stress hormones’, Sour fruits also contain vitamin A. Which is needed to produce testosterone. It also lowers estrogen levels, meaning male hormones can work better.


It has been shown that this vegetable can reduce estrogen levels. Moreover, it is rich in magnesium, vitamins C and E. And all these are the ingredients for making testosterone.


A study from the University of Hong Kong found that eating a whole bunch of red grapes every day increased testosterone levels, improved sperm motility and strengthened it.


According to the International Journal of Impotence Research, 47 percent of men who are unable to have sex have improved their condition by consuming pomegranate juice every day.


It is believed that people who do not eat meat at all have lower levels of testosterone in their body. However, be careful before eating extra meat. Researchers at the University of Utah in the United States say that foods made from beef and mutton contain a lot of saturated fat.

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