Thank you coronavirus helpers

While doing coronavirus case study, I have seen mismanagement, corruption in health sector etc. in different countries of the world. Ordinary people in developed countries or underdeveloped places are suffering from discomfort in this uncertain time. Lack of food at home, no adequate health care, shadows of despair everywhere. In the midst of hundreds of problems, some people have come and stood by the side of the people affected by Covid-19. Thank you coronavirus helpers, who works hard for covid-19 affected people.

Worldwide Coronavirus situation

The governments of different countries are unable to provide adequate facilities in the health sector. Doctors and nurses are working relentlessly in the midst of various irregularities in healthcare. India’s health sector can be mentioned in this case. There are not enough beds in the hospitals, there is a shortage of oxygen supply, and there is a shortage of emergency medicine. In the midst of such scarcity, doctors and nurses continue to serve covid patients day and night.

Second wave of Covid-19 has hit most sectors, including India’s health sector. There is not enough space in the country for burial of dead bodies. Even in such a horrible situation, a group of young people have come to the side of the people at the risk of their own lives. Thank you coronavirus helpers, who works for humanity to getting change of this uncertainty.

The world people have seen an outbreak of the coronavirus across Europe and the Americas. In addition to Brazil’s political instability, the coronavirus has completely devastated the country’s economy. On the other hand, the world has seen the death march of Italy. The spread of coronavirus could not be stopped even with lockdown in different countries of the world.

Even in the midst of this epidemic, we have seen doctors in standing by the side of patients suffering from covid-19. Doctors in the United States spontaneously have joined the covid-19 war, ignoring the risk of death. We have seen the Italian military make the greatest sacrifices to stop coronavirus in the country. Thank you coronavirus helpers, who contribute to stop covid-19 spreading.

Thank you helpers who contribute to stop coronavirus

The youth have come forward in the service of humanity by uniting in many countries of the world suffering from poverty. Various youth associations in different countries have also stood by the patients and their families affected by covid-19. We see that various charities are helping the people to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In many cases, the world’s biggest stars are giving their money selflessly among the poor. Salute to those who are working selflessly to prevent coronavirus. As well as those who can afford to stand by the poor in this epidemic, it is our expectation that they come forward.

Last word, thank you coronavirus helpers.

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