Walter dog meme

Animal memes became very popular from the beginning of memes. Funny pictures of human pets have gone viral and become the source of various iconic memes. Many such memes have become popular over the years on the internet. Today’s blog I ‘m going to tell you about “Walter Dog”, who went viral as a meme on the internet.

Walter dog facts

Although the meme was called “Walter Dog,” the dog’s name was not originally Walter. His real name was Nelson. “When Nelson’s picture went viral, his identity became Walter.” Victoria Leigh, the owner of the dog, wrote the main fact on Nelson‘s website.

If we want to know the whole story about Nelson, we need to know a little more deeply about this dog. Basically the whole thing is not known from a meme. Nelson is a bull terrier dog breed. The dog now weighs about 45 pounds. Nelson was born in July 2017. The baby is now quite young and his viral pictures were posted when he was just a puppy.

Twitter account of Nelson

You can find Walter Memes all over the internet. One of the best places to find Walter on the internet is Nelson’s official Twitter account, @pupernelson. Leigh has been posting pictures of the infamous bull terrier for several years before the dog became an internet celebrity.

Leigh, the owner of today’s “Walter Dog,” was reportedly opening a Twitter account just to remember childhood photos of his pet dog, Nelson. Nelson’s pictures once went viral and became known as “Walter Dog”.

Different rumors spread among the celebrities, and apparently, this is no different for dog breeds. In June 2020, rumors spread that favorite dog Nelson had died. Pictures were posted online on a bull terrier with gunshot wounds. Some people thought it was Walter Memes’ dog. Thus Nelson rose to the top of popularity and became Walter Meme.

Nelson is still alive and well. Nelson owner Leigh said she would post regularly on Twitter about her pet.

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