When you need an emergency room at hospital?

Many are suffering from cold, cough and fever. Many people get scared at this time of coronavirus infection. However, it is important to deal with the situation carefully without fear. At the... Read more »
egineered virus T-VEC

Anticancer virus research a new engineered virus T-VEC

Cancer is the name of a terrible terror for us. People have been fighting cancer for ages. Many therapies have been discovered. But none of them has become a perfect weapon against... Read more »

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Reticular formation facts

Reticular formation facts: function, anatomy and diseases

The Reticular formation is a set of neurons that extend from the spinal cord to the thalamus. This structure allows the body to wake up after a long sleep and stay awake... Read more »

Why cervical cancer occurs? Causes of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a terrible disorder for women. It has become one of the leading causes of death for women worldwide. The disease is more common in women in underdeveloped and developing... Read more »
emergency room nurse

Attention – Emergency Room Registered Nurse

What is the responsibility of an emergency room registered nurse? Although all nurses receive some training for their patients in emergencies, the Emergency Response Force must recognize the sudden, living conditions of... Read more »

What-is-cerebral-infarction – How to Avoid It?

Cerebral-infarction– One of the most common forms of cerebral-infarction, cerebral ischemia, or ischemic stroke is based on ischemia – a sudden decrease in blood flow to the brain – which can lead... Read more »

Zincovit Tablet Uses and Benefits facts

Zincovit Tablet is also known as Zincovit Apex Tablet. If the person is deficient in vitamins, the doctor may recommend the tablet. This tablet contains a high blend of vitamins, essential minerals... Read more »

Cheston cold tablet uses, side effects facts

Cheston Cold Tablet is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Common Cold, Temporary Cough Relief Caused By Common Cold, Flu, Or Other Conditions, Allergies, Fever, Tasteless Eyes, Itchy Throat... Read more »

Comminuted fracture: symptoms, causes and treatment

Comminuted fractures occur when the surface of the bone is obstructed in its continuity in more than one line, resulting in more than two bone fragments. More stiff than the bones can... Read more »

Risky foods that increase the risk of diabetes

The number of diabetic patients in the world is constantly increasing. If you are affected by this disease, you must change your lifestyle. Today’s blog I’ve pointed out some risky foods that... Read more »