Native American terrorism: The black-and-white-concept

Many Western intellectuals are trying to divide the world into two parts with ‘Nine-Eleven’. What they are trying to say about the two worlds before and after this terrorist attack is, in fact, a dividing line; which is engraved along the world and the bosom of the world. On one side of this line is the Muslim world and, on the other side is the ‘anti-terrorist’ Western world. American terrorism: The black-and-white-concept of terror is rising day by day.

Although the logical aspect of this distribution of black and white in the thick of the West is not exaggerated. It is infallible to spread hatred in all directions! It is equally adept at distinguishing between skin color, religion, and even geographical location.


American terrorism- Therefore, the explanation of the Oklahoma attack (1995) does not match this racist formula. The killing of six black priests at a church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015, the killing of six worshipers at a Quebec City mosque in 2017, and the murdering of 12 people at a St. Petersburg synagogue in Pennsylvania in 2018 are equally unexplained.

For, in the Western state-politics-society-civil-media which seeks to establish by raising the smoke of eradication of terrorism. There will be murdering black priests inside the church, murdering also Jews, worshipers will be blindfolded and muffled; That is normal.

It would have been nice if the words had been fabricated by a black-brown-beet anti-Western growing up in the East; but the proof of this is found in a western study. According to a study by the University of Alabama, if a non-Muslim terrorist incident occurs, as much as the Western media highlights it. If there is a Muslim behind the incident, it is published more than three hundred and a half times.

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News against terrorism

At the same time, the word ‘terrorism’ is used to refer to non-Muslim violence-related news. On the contrary, needless to say, if the attacker is a Muslim, their use of the word as much as possible does not escape the eyes of the blind!

So the original and unbroken one-sided interpretation of the guru-disciple Breivik and Brenton’s massacre in Norway in 2011 and in New Zealand on March 15, respectively.

American terrorism- Clearly, these events are the product of white supremacy, hegemony and racism. Millions of black Americans were killed in the 19th and 20th centuries in an attack by a KKK organization. Is there an accurate account of how many millions of black-brown-indigenous people have been killed by the Western colonies? When the day changes, the color of the blood becomes black, but in the end it is blood.

American terrorism study

As one, an average of two and a half million people are victims of hate-crime in the United States each year. According to a recent study, two-thirds of all terrorist attacks in the United States are perpetrated by extremist white supremacists. According to the University of Alabama, Muslims accounted for only 12.5 percent of the 136 terrorist attacks in the United States between 2006 and 2015.

The New York Times (February 20, 2019) quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying that more than a thousand hate groups are now active in the United States. According to the organization, the number of white nationalist organizations increased by about 50 percent last year compared to 2017. Every year in America, how many black men are killed in police firing? when I think about it, my body becomes nervous.

American terrorism history and the root of terrorism


White nationalism is as entrenched in mainstream European socio-politics as in America. In recent years this root has only spread a little more. The results of the UK’s Brexit vote have clarified the country’s position. In Austria, France, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, etc., racist tendencies are on the rise. In contrast to the populist or populist trend, many so-called happy statesmen are also talking about the evils of multiculturalism. Some are also talking about formulating anti-immigration policies. The massive victory of the far right in Italy in March last year is, so to speak, the latest documentary evidence of the spread of racist nationalism in Europe.

Considering ‘Nine-Eleven’, it can be seen that in the aftermath of this terrorist attack, hate-crime has increased in Western society. What exactly is this hate-crime? The FBI’s definition of hate crime is “those motivated by biases based on race, gender, gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.”

The reason behind the notion of white supremacy is actually much more psychological than practical. Breivik-Brenton call murder their “responsibility” out of the “fear” that Western stable society is being shaken by the pressure of refugees and immigrants. If this statement is true, then the essence of it is that in the eyes of whites, all the people of the rest of the world are subhumans. Hate-crime is the manifestation of this hateful idea in their minds; in the colonial era whose use was from indiscriminate oppression to murder from time to time, the Breivik-Brenton are carrying on his legacy.

What is now called “Islamophobia” in Western society is just another modern label on racism. This is nothing more than an attempt by rumor to justify racism.

Hate crime worldwide

Google shows how much hate crime has increased in the West; Somewhere up to a few hundred times. Those who close their eyes to ‘Nine-Eleven’ as the cause of it do not want to see the truth. The geopolitical, socioeconomic and psychological reasons behind the terrorist attack show that the West is as reluctant as it is to investigate the influx of European-American refugees in recent years. Who is responsible for the fact that Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc. are only the territories depicted on the map, the country known today? Why are people running from these countries with only the life? Behind is the identity, the roots.

Noam Chomsky quote about American terrorism

Noam Chomsky, a top US philosopher and educator, has called the United States a major terrorist country in the world saying that the United States must be a major terrorist country under international law.

“I’ve seen the definition of terrorism, which is very nice, and the definition of terrorism in the United States and Britain is very good,”


But considering these definitions, it can be seen that America is the number one terrorist country in the world. Noam Chomsky made the remarks in an interview with Iran’s English-language news channel Press TV. He said in an interview that Ronald Reagan had feared the current so-called war on terror since he was president of the United States in the 1980s.

Proclamation of the Emancipation

A century after the proclamation of the Emancipation, the ghost of slavery and the ugliest racism still hangs over Americans. Not only inequality and deprivation, black people still face many adversities in American society. This was stated in the investigation report of the riots that spread in dozens of cities in 1965. We see the same thing repeated in the 1992 Los Angeles riots report.

It took 220 years to get a black president of America. It’s black, so his father’s identity is Muslim. So even the ‘untouchable’ Obama has to digest the slogan ‘Go back to Kenya’. In Trump’s words, African countries are ‘shithole countries’.

Yet the song of equality will be played in the world, one day it will be played incessantly. The brave teenager who broke the egg on the head of the anti-Muslim senator in Australia, the young man in charge of guarding the mosque in New Zealand. they are covering up the ugliness of racism, the realization of the human world.

Root of Terrorism Worldwide

The concept of terrorism originated, developed and used in international politics

One of the most talked about issues in the world in the 21st century is ‘terrorism’. ‘Terrorism’ is also called ‘militancy’. After Nine Eleven, then-US President Bush declared an “eternal war” on terrorism, which Bush also called the “Crusade.” This new crusade, announced by America in the 21st century, takes the political and intellectual history of the world in a new direction.

But, what is this ‘terrorism’ or ‘militancy’?

What is ‘militancy’?

Who are the ‘terrorists’ of the eternal war on terror in America and Europe?

How is the Western concept and myth of terrorism formed?

How is it used in international politics?

Terrorism and militancy: origin and development

The United Nations has failed to come up with a definitive definition of what constitutes ‘terrorism’ or ‘militancy’. A report by the German news agency Deutsche Welle cited “member states as failing to take a stand on the issue.” As a result, the concept of terrorism, determined and constructed in Europe, has been propagated as a dominant thought around the world since the beginning of this century.

History has shown that the term “terrorism” was first used by the French philosopher Francois Noel Babeuf in 1794. He used the term to criticize Maximilian Robespierre’s ‘Jacobin’ regime. After the establishment of the first French Republic after the French Revolution, the horrific terrorist acts that took place in France from 1793 to 1794 are known in history as the “Rain of Terror” or “The Terror”.

At the time, however, the term was used in a positive sense by the newly formed revolutionary regime in France. Terrorism is now generally seen as a revolutionary revolt against the government or an established power, but this was not the case in the beginning. On the contrary, the ruling class termed those who were declared ‘enemies of the people’ by the government’s counter-revolutionaries, rebels or the new rulers of France as ‘terrorists’. Bertrand Barr, one of the leading members of the National Convention, the first government formed after the French Revolution, is famous for this statement: Let’s Terror Be the Order of the Day!

Definition of terrorism changed

Interestingly, the relationship between the early concepts of terrorism and the Western concepts of democracy, justice and morality, etc., is quite close. Maximilian Robespierre, one of the leading heroes of the French Revolution, believed that the main goal of any democratic government was “morality”, but that “terror” was necessary to establish “morality” in its glory.

“Terror without principle is the work of the devil, and policy without terror is useless. Terror is basically the birth of morality.”

Maximilian Robespierre

During World War I Terrorism definition

During World War I, this positive definition of terrorism changed in the sense of rebellion. In 1880-90, the Armenians revolted against the then Ottoman Empire in this terrorist manner.

At the same time, the ‘Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organization’ (IMRO) chose the path of this terrorist uprising against the Macedonian Empire. After World War I, in the 1930s, this definition of terrorism changed again. At the same time, the former meaning of terrorism, the rebellion of the oppressed against the state or government, changes, and the oppression and torture of the people by the authoritarian state or ruler is termed as ‘terrorism’. This is why Hitler’s Nazi forces or Mussolini’s fascist ideology or Stalin’s rule in Russia are called ‘terrorism’.

After World War II Terrorism Worldwide

After World War II, in the context of the New Awakening in the colonized territories, the meaning of terrorism changed once again. During this time, racism arose in many countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and armed rebellions and activities against colonial rulers were formed.

Europe then called it ‘terrorism’. Of course, after the collapse of global colonialism, these rebels could no longer be called terrorists. Because, by that time many countries have become independent and these ‘terrorists’ have got the status of heroes. Their new name is ‘Freedom Fighter’.

In a speech to the UN General Assembly in 1974, PLO chairman Yasser Arafat said,

“The difference between terrorists and insurgents is that they have different motives and goals.He who stands up for justice and fights to liberate his nation from the hands of the occupiers and the colonies cannot be called a ‘terrorist’.

Yasser Arafat

Even after the collapse of colonialism, in the context of neo-colonialism, there were various inter-ethnic separatist movements in the independent countries, which were termed as ‘terrorism’. At the same time, after the collapse of Soviet Russia, various armed groups were formed in the newly independent countries of the Third World with the aim of communist revolution. They are also referred to as ‘terrorists’.

Terrorism definition worldwide in Cold War

Terrorism continued in this sense until the sixties and seventies. The seventies are marked by the Cold War. The Western world is currently embroiled in a series of political, economic, diplomatic and military nerves with the Soviet-led communist bloc.

It was during this time that the term ‘terrorism’ began to be used in a much broader sense and purpose than before. In the early 1980s, the Reagan administration began using the term “terrorism” extensively as part of its anti-communist strategy.

Small separatist armed movements around the world are propagated as a global conspiracy of the communist bloc against America and Western liberal societies.

Books such as Claire Starling’s The Terror Network at the time referred to separatist armed movements around the world as conspiracies against the Kremlin and against the West’s “free world order”.

At that time, terrorism was given a new meaning, mainly as a conspiracy of the communists. In October 1983, 21 people were killed in a bomb attack on the South Korean Prime Minister in Burma. The United States has blamed North Korea for the attack, and the term “state-sponsored terrorism” has emerged. The era of creating and globalizing the ideological motives of terrorism, the beginning of the era of portraying terrorism as a conspiracy of ‘others’ against the West began.

Jihad and terrorism

The Ottoman Empire in Turkey collapsed at the beginning of the last century and marked the official end of the long period of Muslim rule. At that time, most of the Muslim countries in the world were colonies in Europe, and the abolition of the Turkish caliphate was the beginning of the racist revolt against the colonies in the Muslim countries. The whole of the Arab region was then aroused by the spirit of Arab racism and engaged in a movement against Western colonialism. Even in the Indian subcontinent, Muslims first joined the large-scale racist Swaraj movement through the ‘Khilafah Movement’.

At this time, in the context of the continuous decline of the Muslim world, the fall of the world’s superpowers and the aggression of the materialist philosophy of the West, two kinds of thinking developed in the Muslim world. A group of Muslim thinkers tried to interpret Western philosophy, secularism, racism, nation state, etc., in an Islamic way. They considered Western education essential for Muslims to move forward. They thought it was good for Muslims to adopt Western philosophy and thought. The other party blames the decline of Muslims on the deviation from the true ideals of the Qur’an and Sunnah and seeks a revival of Islamic values ​​and ideals against Western materialist philosophy. Islamic racism against ethnic racism also became popular around the world at this time. This line of thought is called ‘Islamism’.

Terrorism between 1940s and 1960s

Between the 1940s and 1960s, European Muslim colonies in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East became independent. However, the power of these independent states passed into the hands of a racist secular group, largely educated in the West. As a result, even in the newly formed Muslim states, various tensions between the secular government and the Islamists continue. There were two types of thinking among the Islamists as well. A large section of the Islamists felt that these secular pro-Western rulers had to be confronted through a constitutional process, a pro-people democratic movement.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan was a sect of this sect. On the other hand, some felt that it was not possible to remove these rulers in a Western democratic way and to put up effective resistance against the West. They were believers in the armed movement. Although people of this thought were a minority in the Muslim world until the 1960s, this trend gradually became one of the most talked about issues in world politics in the context of the changing world order from the 1970s. These are called ‘jihadists’.

In the fifties of the last century terrorism

In the fifties of the last century, the racist secular trend came to power in Muslim countries and made the power quite strong. During this time, the democratic process in various Muslim countries, the rise of various military rulers and dictators without the mandate of the people, and this racist group fighting against the West began to be controlled mainly by America. Despite the undemocratic rise to power of these rulers in the Muslim world and the repression of the people, especially the Islamists, the United States has helped them stay in power and, in turn, has tried to protect American interests in those countries.

Somewhere America succeeds perfectly, somewhere it succeeds somewhat because of the determination of the racist leadership; But the process has unmasked American liberal democracy throughout the Muslim world, and Islamists’ conflict with the secular group in the Muslim world has intensified. At this stage, a number of important events took place from the sixties, which turned the tide of politics in the Muslim world and made the global jihadist trend of Islamists important in world politics.

First, the 1967 Arab-Israeli war

The birth of Israel in the Middle East has angered Muslims in the West and the direct support of the United States, and the moral foundations of Western democracy are increasingly at stake. The combined Arab forces were defeated by Israel in the 1967 war, and Israel gained a permanent foothold in the Middle East. At that time, the people of the Muslim world lost confidence in the racist Western leadership in Arabia.

The Palestinian liberation movement was important to all Muslims around the world, as the Baitul Maqdis, known as the first Muslim qibla, is located in Palestine. As a result, the Palestinian struggle for independence became a religious issue among Muslims around the world. The defeat of the Arab racist leadership in the Arab-Israeli war, Muslims who have lost faith in the secular racist movement have resorted to armed struggle to save Palestine. As a result, Hamas became more popular in the Muslim world than the Palestinian PLO.

Second, the 1979 Iran Revolution

Ayatollah Khomeini started the Islamic Revolution in Iran by overthrowing Reza Shah Pahlavi, an American servant. Iran’s leftist organizations took an active part in the revolution, forging a kind of alliance with the Russian bloc. This anti-American, friendly revolution with Russia has angered America from the beginning. As a result, the United States has adopted a new strategy to crush Iran in the Middle East. The politics of Shia-Sunni conflict created a new equation in the Muslim world at this time. The leadership of Sunni Islam in the Middle East was then in the hands of Saudi Arabia.

The United States used Saudi Arabia against Iran’s Shiite revolution. From the early 1980s, Salafi Islam against Shia Islam began to spread throughout the Muslim world with the direct support of the Saudi government. At the same time, at the direct instigation of the United States against Iran, several Arab countries conducted various military operations, including the Iraq-Iran war. If we look at history, it is clear that most of the people in the Muslim world at that time did not take these campaigns with the help of the West. Despite Iran’s ideological animosity towards Shiites, the Islamic world’s democratic movement and revolutionary leadership at the time identified the campaign against Iran as a Western move. During this time, the Saudi-sponsored ‘Salafi Islam’ was propagated in various Muslim countries, and greatly aided the jihadists in shaping the current structure and ideology.

Third, the Russo-Afghan war

In the year of the Iranian Revolution, Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan. After the Palestinian-Israeli war, this war was seen as a great example of persecution of Muslims in the Muslim world. The United States provides military and intelligence support to pro-independence mujahideen groups in Afghanistan. The whole Muslim world united against the Russian occupation and communism.

The Afghan Mujahideen, with the help of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United States, defeated Russia in the Afghan war. Until now, armed struggle or jihad or militancy has been the strategy of rebellion against colonialism, independence of the country or racist movement in the Muslim lands. Movement-oriented Islamists also considered their political activities to be jihad. But with the formation of the Mujahideen Network through the Russo-Afghan War and the formation of Osama bin Laden‘s Al Qaeda, a new era of jihadists began – an era of global jihadism and global warfare against the American and Western world order.

It was through these events that the jihadist trend began to become important in the Muslim world politically, along with Islamism. The failure of secular racist governments to behave like Western puppets and to understand the attitude of their own people has been evident ever since. As a result, Muslims around the world continue to lean towards new leadership. In this case, the success of the Afghan war greatly enlivened them. In the nineties, as can be seen, armed Islamism emerged in Kashmir. The success of the Afghan war has come as a shock to the long-suffering Muslim world. Jihadists became important in world politics.

New Definition of Terrorism: The Global Eternal War

Then comes Nine Eleven. The 2001 US Twin Towers attack changed the meaning of terrorism and its political significance and consequences, perhaps forever. The Twin Towers attack, with all its conspiracy theories, started a new war around the world – the eternal war on terror. Following President Bush’s “Clash of Civilizations” theory, it is as if the United States and the West have declared a new crusade against the Muslim world. Instead of the communist bloc, this time the Muslim world became the main enemy of the West.

Everyone knows what happened next. The United States and its Western allies continue to attack Muslim countries one after another in the name of terrorism and the search for al Qaeda. Iraq is destroyed, Libya is destroyed. The fire is burning in Syria. Afghanistan is embroiled in a nearly two-decade-long war. A culture of hatred and fear is created against Muslims around the world. Any movement or struggle of Muslims for freedom, practice of religion or observance of their own culture is also marked as ‘terrorism’. Islamists of different ideologies in the country are branded as ‘militants’ or ‘fundamentalists’, Muslims are propagated as barbaric, backward and a threat to civilization. It has an impact on the national politics of different countries.

Militancy and fundamentalism

With the rise of militancy and fundamentalism, the secular leadership of the Muslim countries became embroiled in a political game of losing each other, creating divisions in the country. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. These weapons of militancy were also handed over to various Islamophobic rulers of the world. Israel declares Hamas and Hezbollah militants, but no one calls Israel a militant or terrorist. India’s Hindutva forces view the struggle of the Muslims in Kashmir differently than the racist armed struggle in other parts of India, calling any of their just movements ‘militancy’. In the first decade of this century, this is how the American and Western definitions of terrorism were determined, and the eternal war on terror became the eternal war in the West, mainly against Islam and Muslims.

The next terrorism worldwide

Coming to this time in the second decade, the triumph of the extreme right in the West. Creating a horrible generation of white supremacists who are unwilling to wear liberal disguises like their predecessors. They are directly attacking Muslims, Africans, immigrants. The burden of the sins committed by the West in the last century has fallen on this generation, so they want to throw away the fall of Western morality. On the other hand, as a result of the Arab Spring, there has been a shift in power in the Arab world. The people of Arabia have revolted against long-standing dictators, with the result that they have been defeated.

The dictators have fallen. But with the direct intervention of America, the countries are getting involved in one civil war after another. On the other hand, as a result of this extreme right of the West, the power of extremist political forces is slowly increasing in all regions of the world. At this point, the myth created in the West of terrorism is being shattered. After nearly two decades of war in Afghanistan, the Taliban, Palestine and Kashmir are on the verge of victory. The Muslim world is going through a new transition. The myth of terrorism that the Western world declared war on Muslims is now burning in the West’s own home. War on Terror – The cost of this eternal war that has changed the politics of the world will probably have to be paid by all parties, for a long time to come.

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