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6 protein rich foods those are effective in Bodybuilding, strong muscles in the body. Everyone dreams of getting the body in a very beautiful shape by strengthening the muscles of the body. Both men and women whose bodies are much thinner try to come to a proper shape by bodybuilding. Many people go to the gym for bodybuilding. But exercise alone does not strengthen the muscles of the body. It also takes the right food for bodybuilding. Find out today some foods that are effective in building strong body muscles.

6 protein rich Bodybuilding food scales to your health

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1) Eggs

Eggs are the most suitable protein rich food for building muscle. The cholesterol found in egg yolks acts as a steroid hormone and half a gram of leucine in eggs plays a special role in building muscle. At the same time, an egg rich in only 60 calories and 5/6 grams of protein does not accumulate fat in your body and only helps in building muscle, so it is a very popular food for bodybuilding with strong muscles.

2) Almonds

Just 1 gram of walnuts has only 150-170 calories. Almonds are high in protein and fiber which help in building muscle without any extra calories. Only 1/4 cup of nuts contains about 8 grams of protein. It is a good source of monounsaturated fat and magnesium which helps in building muscle in the body.

3) Cheese

Cheese contains high levels of casein which slowly increases the levels of amino acids in the blood. It also contains good bacteria that will help the body absorb the nutrients of all foods properly. Just half a cup of cheese contains 14 grams of protein and only 80 calories. So if you only want to build muscle without fat, then cheese is a very good food.

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4) Raw Gram / boots

Put lentils or boots for breakfast in the morning or in the afternoon to build strong muscles. Rich in high protein, just 1 cup of Raw Gram contains 45 grams of slow acting carbs and 12 grams of fiber. You can easily put these lentils or boots on the diet instead of rice and flour bread.

5) Beef

Beef, which is rich in amino acids, B vitamins and creatine, is considered to be the most effective food for building muscle. Beef is a good source of protein. Only 100 grams of beef contains 26 grams of protein. However, it also has 11 grams of fat and 200 calories. Beef also contains B12 vitamins, zinc, and iron, which are especially effective in building muscle.

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6) Pulses

Pulses are the best vegetable protein in building muscle. 1 cup of cooked pulses contains 18 grams of protein and very good amount of carbohydrates. Those who are interested in body building can eat up to lentil soup.

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