Andra Day is Billie Holiday won the Golden Globe

At the age of 11, listening to artist Billie Holiday’s songs changed the life of a teenager. Listening to the songs ‘Sugar‘ and ‘Strange Fruit‘, the little girl understood what a ‘great artist’ is! In her mind, she also wanted to be a ‘Great Singer’. Then one day her wish was fulfilled. It was the childhood memory of a vocalist named Andra Day. She recently gained worldwide recognition for her role as her favorite vocalist, Billie Holiday.

Andra has never acted as a professional actor before. When she heard that Billie Holiday’s biography was being made, she thought, ‘Oh, I wish I could be Billie on screen!’ She was selected and also acted in the film. The black woman won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her first film. She made several histories that night by winning this award. The 36-year-old singer and heroine made a splash in world cinema.

“Physically, mentally and spiritually, what I am today is influenced by Billie’s songs,” said Andra, referring to her role in “The United States vs. Billie Holiday“. There can be nothing more honorable in this life than being on screen. Everything Billie has done has impressed me tremendously. Her songs, her voice, her way of life, her struggle for the rights of blacks, her movement all in all, she is to me the most beautiful form of creation.’

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Andra Day awarded

Andra was not at all satisfied with being delivered on the big screen. It just seemed like it would be better to do this place differently. It seemed that Billie’s expression in the place might have been different. Whether she was able to present Billie properly or not, Andra was not sleeping properly in these thoughts and discomfort. Suddenly one morning she woke up and saw some missed calls of her manager on the screen of her mobile phone. As soon as the call was back, her excited voice heard, ‘Andra, you have been nominated for two important categories in the Golden Globe- “The best actress and the best song.” ‘Andra started sobbing.

This singer, lyricist and actor cried once again, the day her name was announced as the best actress leaving all the big actresses. She took part in this event online from home. She cried when her name was announced. When she stopped crying and gave a speech, her family and friends who were sitting around her also started crying. “People don’t just cry with grief,” Andra said with wet eyes. The cry of happiness is the best cry of this world. When the dam-breaking happiness comes, the tears also join the procession of joy. ‘

In that film, Andra received another Golden Globe nomination in the Best Original Song category for the song ‘Tigress and Tweed‘.

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