Arabian Sand Boa

Arabian sand boa (Eryx jayakari) is a small snake, snakes lurking under hot sand that inhabit the Arabian Peninsula and Iran. It spends the day buried in the sand. Its eyes are very small and located at the top of the head. The head has a blunt snout and is wedge-shaped. The color of this snake is yellow-gray or sand-brown with white flakes. The Arabian sand boa is a non-venomous snake.

The geographical range of the sand boa includes Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait and southern Iran. According to the data, a small number of specimens were found in Khuzestan Province, Bushehr Province and Kerman Province.

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Behavior of Arabian sand boa

They are mainly nocturnal, sand boa have high temperature tolerance. During the day it buries itself deep in the sand, but in the evening it goes to the surface. It is slightly below the surface which only projects with its eyes. They are always ready to hit the prey on the side of his head, always occur to hunt any small animal. They mainly prey on short-fingered geckos (Stenodactylus spp), the Baluch rock gecko (Bunopus tuberculatus), and worm lizards.

Arabian Sand Boa SPECIES name is “Eryx jayakari”. This is a desert species of snake that lives semi-underground in sand or soft soils.

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata

Subphylum- Vertebrata

Class- Reptilia

Order- Squamata

Suborder- Serpentes

Family- Boidae

Genus- Eryx

Species- Eryx jayakari

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